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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 11/2016

Uitgave 11/2016

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13-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

Does Engaging in a Group-Based Intervention Increase Parental Self-efficacy in Parents of Preschool Children? A Systematic Review of the Current Literature

Anja Wittkowski, Hannah Dowling, Debbie M. Smith

22-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Impact of Youth Strengths and Objective Strain on the Experiences of Subjective Strain Among Caregivers of Youth with Behavioral Health Conditions

Michael J. McCarthy, Rachel R. Smith, Jeffrey Schellinger, Gretchen Behimer, Daniel Hargraves, Jonathan Sutter, Lee Ann Lindroth, Karen Scherra

12-09-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

High-Risk Behavior Among Young Adolescents in The Central and Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia: Baseline Data from The MyHeART Study

Nik Daliana Nik Farid, Abqariyah Yahya, Nabilla Al-Sadat, Maznah Dahlui, Tin Tin Su, Nithiah Thangiah, Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, Hazreen Abdul Majid, MyHeART Study Group

01-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Parental Unemployment and Youth Life Satisfaction: The Moderating Roles of Satisfaction with Family Life

Diana Frasquilho, Margarida Gaspar de Matos, Fergus Neville, Tânia Gaspar, JM Caldas de Almeida

05-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Parent–Child Aggression Risk in Expectant Mothers and Fathers: A Multimethod Theoretical Approach

Christina M. Rodriguez, Tamika L. Smith, Paul J. Silvia

12-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Maternal and Family Factors

Lisa Y. Gibson, Karina L. Allen, Susan M. Byrne, Kim Clark, Eve Blair, Elizabeth Davis, Stephen R. Zubrick

30-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Influences on Father Involvement: Testing for Unique Contributions of Religion

Mark G. Lynn, John H. Grych, Gregory M. Fosco

30-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Intimate Partner Acceptance–Rejection and Subjective Well-Being: What is the Role of Resilience?

Anastasia Geitsidou, Theodoros Giovazolias

29-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Sleep-Related Outcomes Following Early Intervention for Childhood Anxiety

Michelle A. Clementi, Candice A. Alfano, Lindsay E. Holly, Armando A. Pina

01-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence-Based Psychotherapeutic Practices for Youth in a Mental Health Organization

Michael L. Bloomquist, Alison Giovanelli, Anna Benton, Timothy F. Piehler, Karina Quevedo, Joel Oberstar

02-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

School-Based Cognitive Mindfulness Intervention for Internalizing Problems: Pilot Study with Hong Kong Elementary Students

Kanei Lam

15-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

Outcomes of a Comparison Study into a Group-Based Infant Parenting Programme

Catrin Hedd Jones, Mihela Erjavec, Simon Viktor, Judy Hutchings

18-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Adolescent Self-Assessment of an Outdoor Behavioral Health Program: Longitudinal Outcomes and Trajectories of Change

Katie Massey Combs, Matthew J. Hoag, Stephen Javorski, Sean D. Roberts

30-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Perceived Social Support and Mental Health among First-Year College Students with Histories of Bullying Victimization

Gerald M. Reid, Melissa K. Holt, Chelsey E. Bowman, Dorothy L. Espelage, Jennifer Greif Green

08-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Psychiatric Morbidity and Family Environment Among Female Juvenile Detainees in a Malaysian Sample

Nor S. M. Wazir, Wan S. W. Ismail, Lai F. Chan, Lin Naing, Shamsul A. Shah

11-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Differences in Internalizing Symptoms Across Specific Ethnic Minority Groups: An Analysis Across Chinese American, Filipino American, Japanese American, Native Hawaiian, and White Youth

Kelsie H. Okamura, Chad Ebesutani, Rachel Bloom, Charmaine K. Higa-McMillan, Brad J. Nakamura, Bruce F. Chorpita

20-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016 Open Access

Associations Between Fathers’ and Mothers’ Psychopathology Symptoms, Parental Emotion Socialization, and Preschoolers’ Social-Emotional Development

Lotte D. van der Pol, Marleen G. Groeneveld, Joyce J. Endendijk, Sheila R. van Berkel, Elizabeth T. Hallers-Haalboom, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, Judi Mesman

11-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Impaired Fear Recognition and Social Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescence

Andrea Trubanova Wieckowski, Marika C. Coffman, Jungmeen Kim-Spoon, Susan W. White, John A. Richey, Thomas H. Ollendick

30-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Do Children’s Attributions Mediate the Link Between Parental Conditional Regard and Child Depression and Emotion?

Laura Perrone, Jessica L. Borelli, Patricia Smiley, Hannah F. Rasmussen, Lori M. Hilt

23-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Parents’ Experiences of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Lauren Kelada, Janis Whitlock, Penelope Hasking, Glenn Melvin

26-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Family Structure, Transitions and Psychiatric Disorders Among Puerto Rican Children

Olga Santesteban-Echarri, Ruth E. Eisenberg, Hector R. Bird, Glorisa J. Canino, Cristiane S. Duarte

01-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Facets of Adult Social Competence as Predictors of Parenting Style

Natasha Ann Egeli, Christina M. Rinaldi

18-08-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2016

Perception of Chilean Parents on the Triple P Program for Improving Parenting Practices

Paula Errázuriz, Claudia Cerfogli, Gladys Moreno, Gabriela Soto

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