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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 5/2021

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Mindfulness-based stress reduction for breast cancer survivors (MBSR(BC)): evaluating mediators of psychological and physical outcomes in a large randomized controlled trial

Cecile A. Lengacher, L. Forest Gruss, Kevin E. Kip, Richard R. Reich, Katterine G. Chauca, Manolete S. Moscoso, Anisha Joshi, Sara Tinsley, Budhrani Shani, Lakeshia Cousin, Carly Paterson Khan, Matthew Goodman, Jong Y. Park

Adaptive, behavioral intervention impact on weight gain, physical activity, energy intake, and motivational determinants: results of a feasibility trial in pregnant women with overweight/obesity

Danielle Symons Downs, Jennifer S. Savage, Daniel E. Rivera, Abigail M. Pauley, Krista S. Leonard, Emily E. Hohman, Penghong Guo, Katherine M. McNitt, Christy Stetter, Allen Kunselman

Open Access

Latent class growth modelling for the evaluation of intervention outcomes: example from a physical activity intervention

Anna-Maria Lampousi, Jette Möller, Yajun Liang, Daniel Berglind, Yvonne Forsell

Forgoing antiretroviral therapy to evade stigma among people living with HIV, Cape Town, South Africa

Seth Kalichman, Catherine Mathews, Renee El-Krab, Ellen Banas, Moira Kalichman

Influence of patient immigrant status on physician trainee diabetes treatment decisions: a virtual patient experimental study

Loretta Hsueh, Adam T. Hirsh, Tamika Zapolski, Mary de Groot, Kieren J. Mather, Jesse C. Stewart

The role of mindfulness in associations among depression symptoms, sleep duration, and insulin resistance in adolescents

Emma L. M. Clark, Lauren D. Gulley, Mark A. Prince, Milena Casamassima, Natalia Sanchez, Virginia Jimenez, Sarah A. Johnson, Reagan L. Miller, Isabella Conte, Jill L. Kaar, Stacey L. Simon, Christopher Melby, Rachel G. Lucas-Thompson, Lauren B. Shomaker

Web-based cognitive behavior therapy for chronic pain patients with aberrant drug-related behavior: How did it work and for whom?

Haiyi Xie, Honoria Guarino, Sarah K. Moore, Michelle Acosta, Alan J. Budney, Andrew Rosenblum, Lisa A. Marsch, Chunki Fong