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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 5/2018

The 4th Trimester: Behavioral Medicine and postpartum health

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Elevating mothers’ voices: recommendations for improved patient-centered postpartum

Sarah Verbiest, Kristin Tully, Monica Simpson, Alison Stuebe

Development and evaluation of a mother-centered toolkit for postpartum behavioral and psychosocial health

Lorraine O. Walker, Bobbie S. Sterling, Heather Becker, Sherry Hendrickson, Bo Xie

Introducing Mother Baby Connections: a model of intensive perinatal mental health outpatient programming

Pamela A. Geller, Bobbie Posmontier, June Andrews Horowitz, Alexa Bonacquisti, Lisa A. Chiarello

Open Access

Evaluation of expressive writing for postpartum health: a randomised controlled trial

Susan Ayers, Rosalind Crawley, Susan Button, Alexandra Thornton, Andy P. Field, Chris Flood, Suzanne Lee, Andrew Eagle, Robert Bradley, Donna Moore, Gill Gyte, Helen Smith

Examining the effectiveness of a coordinated perinatal mental health care model using an intersectional-feminist perspective

Natalie R. Stevens, Nicole M. Heath, Teresa A. Lillis, Kenleigh McMinn, Vanessa Tirone, Mervat Sha’ini

Perinatal depression prevention through home visitation: a cluster randomized trial of mothers and babies 1-on-1

S. Darius Tandon, Erin A. Ward, Jaime L. Hamil, Cindy Jimenez, Mya Carter

Psychosocial and demographic predictors of postpartum physical activity

Christine M. Guardino, Calvin J. Hobel, Madeleine U. Shalowitz, Sharon L. Ramey, Christine Dunkel Schetter

Shortening day length: a potential risk factor for perinatal depression

Deepika Goyal, Caryl Gay, Rosamar Torres, Kathryn Lee

Poor sleep quality increases symptoms of depression and anxiety in postpartum women

Michele L. Okun, Roberta A. Mancuso, Calvin J. Hobel, Christine Dunkel Schetter, Mary Coussons-Read

Sleep quality buffers the effects of negative social interactions on maternal mood in the 3–6 month postpartum period: a daily diary study

Teresa A. Lillis, Nancy A. Hamilton, Sarah D. Pressman, Maisa S. Ziadni, Christina S. Khou, Lauren E. Boddy, Linzy M. Wagner