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Journal of Behavioral Medicine 4/2016
Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 4/2016


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Randomized trial of a phone- and web-based weight loss program for women at elevated breast cancer risk: the HELP study
Lisa Cadmus-Bertram, Sandahl H. Nelson, Sheri Hartman, Ruth E. Patterson, Barbara A. Parker, John P. Pierce


The effect of disgust-related side-effects on symptoms of depression and anxiety in people treated for cancer: a moderated mediation model
Philip A. Powell, Haffiezhah A. Azlan, Jane Simpson, Paul G. Overton

Open Access 01-08-2016

The effect of need supportive text messages on motivation and physical activity behaviour
Florence-Emilie Kinnafick, Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Joan Duda


Psychological distress leads to reduced physical activity and fitness in children: the Australian longitudinal LOOK study
L. S. Olive, R. M. Telford, D. G. Byrne, W. P. Abhayaratna, R. D. Telford


Overcoming barriers to exercise among parents: a social cognitive theory perspective
Emily L. Mailey, Siobhan M. Phillips, Deirdre Dlugonski, David E. Conroy


The influence of friends and psychosocial factors on physical activity and screen time behavior in adolescents: a mixed-methods analysis
Jeanette M. Garcia, John R. Sirard, Nancy L. Deutsch, Arthur Weltman


Effects of moderate and vigorous physical activity on fitness and body composition
Clemens Drenowatz, Vivek K. Prasad, Gregory A. Hand, Robin P. Shook, Steven N. Blair


Measuring insulin adherence among adults with type 2 diabetes
Chandra Y. Osborn, Jeffery S. Gonzalez


Insomnia symptoms and heart rate recovery among patients in cardiac rehabilitation
Kristin J. Horsley, Codie R. Rouleau, Sheila N. Garland, Charles Samuels, Sandeep G. Aggarwal, James A. Stone, Ross Arena, Tavis S. Campbell


Is waiting bad for subjective health?
Jennifer L. Howell, Kate Sweeny


An evaluation of factors associated with sexual risk taking among Black men who have sex with men: a comparison of younger and older populations
Jessica L. Maksut, Lisa A. Eaton, Elizabeth J. Siembida, Daniel D. Driffin, Robert Baldwin


Religiosity, dietary habit, intake of fruit and vegetable, and vegetarian status among Seventh-Day Adventists in West Malaysia
Min-Min Tan, Carina K. Y. Chan, Daniel D. Reidpath


Psychosocial predictors of long-term mortality among women with suspected myocardial ischemia: the NHLBI-sponsored Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation
Thomas Rutledge, Tanya S. Kenkre, Diane V. Thompson, Vera A. Bittner, Kerry Whittaker, Jo-Ann Eastwood, Wafia Eteiba, Carol E. Cornell, David S. Krantz, Carl J. Pepine, B. Delia Johnson, Eileen M. Handberg, C. Noel Bairey Merz


Rates and consequences of posttraumatic distress among American Indian adults with type 2 diabetes
Benjamin D. Aronson, Laura C. Palombi, Melissa L. Walls


The relationship between perceived promotion of autonomy/dependence and pain-related disability in older adults with chronic pain: the mediating role of self-reported physical functioning
Marta Matos, Sónia F. Bernardes, Liesbet Goubert


Linking childhood abuse and hypertension: sleep disturbance and inflammation as mediators
Megan E. Petrov, Mary C. Davis, Michael J. Belyea, Alex J. Zautra

01-03-2016 | Brief Report

Emotional eating is associated with weight loss success among adults enrolled in a weight loss program
Abby Braden, Shirley W. Flatt, Kerri N. Boutelle, David Strong, Nancy E. Sherwood, Cheryl L. Rock

29-06-2016 | Erratum

Erratum to: Measuring insulin adherence among adults with type 2 diabetes
Chandra Y. Osborn, Jeffrey S. Gonzalez

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