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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 1/2018

Uitgave 1/2018

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15-07-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018 Open Access

The interaction between individualism and wellbeing in predicting mortality: Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe

Judith A. Okely, Alexander Weiss, Catharine R. Gale

17-07-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018 Open Access

Relationship between daily pain and affect in women with rheumatoid arthritis: lower optimism as a vulnerability factor

Zuzanna Kwissa-Gajewska, Ewa Gruszczyńska

07-09-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Life satisfaction and inflammation in couples: an actor–partner analysis

Bert N. Uchino, Robert G. Kent de Grey, Sierra Cronan, Timothy W. Smith, Ed Diener, Samantha Joel, Jos Bosch

07-09-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Do implicit attitudes toward physical activity and sedentary behavior prospectively predict objective physical activity among persons with obesity?

Guillaume Chevance, Johan Caudroit, Thomas Henry, Philippe Guerin, Julie Boiché, Nelly Héraud

14-07-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Somatic symptom severity among primary care patients who are obese: examining the unique contributions of anxiety sensitivity, discomfort intolerance, and health anxiety

Thomas A. Fergus, Christine A. Limbers, Jackson O. Griggs, Lance P. Kelley

27-07-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

The association of neighborhood context with health outcomes among ethnic minority breast cancer survivors

Chenkai Wu, Kimlin Tam Ashing, Veronica C. Jones, Lisa Barcelo

03-08-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Role of religious social support in longitudinal relationships between religiosity and health-related outcomes in African Americans

Cheryl L. Holt, David L. Roth, Jin Huang, Eddie M. Clark

16-09-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Adaptive step goals and rewards: a longitudinal growth model of daily steps for a smartphone-based walking intervention

Elizabeth V. Korinek, Sayali S. Phatak, Cesar A. Martin, Mohammad T. Freigoun, Daniel E. Rivera, Marc A. Adams, Pedja Klasnja, Matthew P. Buman, Eric B. Hekler

01-08-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Guided imagery targeting exercise, food cravings, and stress: a multi-modal randomized feasibility trial

Peter Giacobbi Jr., Dustin Long, Richard Nolan, Samantha Shawley, Kelsey Johnson, Ranjita Misra

16-08-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

An integrated model of skin cancer risk in sexual minority males

Aaron J. Blashill, Benjamin M. Rooney, Kristen J. Wells

14-07-2017 | Uitgave 1/2018

Psychological generators of stress-headaches

Juanita Kay Miller Berry, Peter D. Drummond

07-11-2017 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2018

Microaggressions, diabetes distress, and self-care behaviors in a sample of American Indian adults with type 2 diabetes

Kelley J. Sittner, Brenna L. Greenfield, Melissa L. Walls

27-10-2017 | BRIEF REPORT | Uitgave 1/2018

“Memory bias” for recall of experiences during initial weight loss is affected by subsequent weight loss outcome

Kathryn M. Ross, Rena R. Wing

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