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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 9/2022

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Original Paper

Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adult Outpatient Psychiatry

Johan Nyrenius, Jonas Eberhard, Mohammad Ghaziuddin, Christopher Gillberg, Eva Billstedt

Original Paper

Intestinal Predictors of Whole Blood Serotonin Levels in Children With or Without Autism

Miranda Zuniga-Kennedy, Micah Davoren, Lauren C. Shuffrey, Ruth Ann Luna, Tor Savidge, Vinay Prasad, George M. Anderson, Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, Kent C. Williams

Open Access Original Paper

Figure Disembedding: The Gottschaldt’s Hidden Figure Test in Children with Typical Development and Autism

Massimiliano Conson, Mattia Siciliano, Luigi Trojano, Pierluigi Zoccolotti, Isa Zappullo, Chiara Baiano, Giovanni Caputo, Alessandro Russo, Roberta Cecere, Alessandro Di Rosa, Giovanna Esposito, Rosa Milo, Francesco Polito, Barbara Rauso, Maria Vela, Gabriella Santangelo

Original Paper

Profile of Mothers of Children with a Disability Who Seek Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Helen M. Bourke-Taylor, Kahli S. Joyce, Sarah Grzegorczyn, Loredana Tirlea

Original Paper

Comparing Early Pragmatics in Typically Developing Children and Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Kay H. Y. Wong, Kathy Y. S. Lee, Sharon C. Y. Tsze, Wilson S. Yu, Iris H.-Y. Ng, Michael C. F. Tong, Thomas Law

Open Access Original Paper

Exploring Sensory Subgroups in Typical Development and Autism Spectrum Development Using Factor Mixture Modelling

Patrick Dwyer, Emilio Ferrer, Clifford D. Saron, Susan M. Rivera

Original Paper

The Impact of Birth Order on Language Development in Autistic Children from Simplex Families

Tyler C. McFayden, Megan Fok, Thomas H. Ollendick

Original Paper

Associations Between Hyperphagia, Symptoms of Sleep Breathing Disorder, Behaviour Difficulties and Caregiver Well-Being in Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Preliminary Study

Jessica Mackay, Gillian M. Nixon, Antony R. Lafferty, Geoff Ambler, Nitin Kapur, Philip B. Bergman, Cara Schofield, Chris Seton, Andrew Tai, Elaine Tham, Komal Vora, Patricia Crock, Charles Verge, Yassmin Musthaffa, Greg Blecher, Daan Caudri, Helen Leonard, Peter Jacoby, Andrew Wilson, Catherine S. Choong, Jenny Downs

Open Access Original Paper

From Someone Who May Cause Trouble to Someone You Can Play With: Stakeholders' Perspectives on Preschool Program Quality for Autistic Children

Hampus Bejnö, Sven Bölte, Nina Linder, Ulrika Långh, Samuel L. Odom, Lise Roll-Pettersson

Open Access Original Paper

Maternal Mid-Gestation Cytokine Dysregulation in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

S. Casey, M. Carter, A. M. Looney, V. Livingstone, G. Moloney, G. W. O’Keeffe, R. S. Taylor, L. C. Kenny, F. P. McCarthy, L. M. E. McCowan, J. M. D. Thompson, D. M. Murray

Original Paper

Time-to-Collision Estimations in Young Drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Austin M. Svancara, Rajesh Kana, Haley Bednarz, Gabriela Sherrod, Kristina Visscher, Benjamin McManus, Despina Stavrinos

Open Access Original Paper

General Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Autism, Inclusive Practices, and Relationship Building Strategies

Yasamin Bolourian, Ainsley Losh, Narmene Hamsho, Abbey Eisenhower, Jan Blacher

Original Paper

Second-Order False Beliefs and Linguistic Recursion in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Irina Polyanskaya, Inge-Marie Eigsti, Torben Brauner, Patrick Blackburn

Original Paper

Family Experiences of Decreased Sound Tolerance in ASD

Nichole E. Scheerer, Troy Q. Boucher, Behnaz Bahmei, Grace Iarocci, Siamak Arzanpour, Elina Birmingham

Original Paper

Change in Behavior Problems from Childhood Through Adolescence for Children with Fragile X Syndrome

Leann Smith DaWalt, Heather Fielding-Gebhardt, Kandace K. Fleming, Steven F. Warren, Nancy Brady

Original Paper

Self-Determination in Autistic Transition-Aged Youth without Intellectual Disability

Brianne Tomaszewski, Laura G. Klinger, Cara E. Pugliese

Original Paper

Evaluation of the Developmental Coordination Questionnaire (DCDQ) as a Screening Instrument for Co-occurring Motor Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tine Van Damme, Davy Vancampfort, Anoushka Thoen, Carlos Pelayo Ramos Sanchez, Debbie Van Biesen

Original Paper

Use of the Children’s Communication Checklist-2 in School-Aged Students with Autism: A Psychometric Analysis

Sallie W. Nowell, Brianne Tomaszewski, Jessica R. Steinbrenner, Ann M. Sam, Samuel L. Odom

Original Paper

Cultural Influences on Sibling Relationships, Roles, and Self-Concept in the Context of Autism: Perspectives of Latino/a/x and non-Latino/a/x Siblings

Kristin A. Long, Lydia Chevalier, Andrea Chu, Kate M. Guthrie, Barbara Kao, Wendy Plante, Debra Lobato

Original Paper

Preliminary Efficacy of Occupational Therapy in an Equine Environment for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

B. Caitlin Peters, Wendy Wood, Susan Hepburn, Eric J. Moody

Original Paper

Emotion Recognition and Context in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Steven Stagg, Li-Huan Tan, Fathima Kodakkadan

Original Paper

Heterogeneity in Autism Spectrum Disorder Case-Finding Algorithms in United States Health Administrative Database Analyses

Scott D. Grosse, Phyllis Nichols, Kwame Nyarko, Matthew Maenner, Melissa L. Danielson, Lindsay Shea

Brief Report

Brief Report: Suspected Cannabis-Induced Mania and Psychosis in Young Adult Males with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Majd Al-Soleiti, Kayla Balaj, Robyn P. Thom, Christopher J. McDougle, Christopher J. Keary

Brief Report

Brief Report: Perceptions of Family-Centered Care Across Service Delivery Systems and Types of Caregiver Concerns About Their Toddlers’ Development

Catherine C. Dick, Lisa V. Ibañez, Trent D. DesChamps, Shana M. Attar, Wendy L. Stone

Letter to the Editor

Adults With Autism Should be Considered a Priority in COVID-19 Immunization Programs

Rita Lucena, Pedro de Melo-Carneiro, Aline Santos Sampaio, Nadia Rossi de Almeida, Ana Marta Vieira Ponte, Daniele de Brito Wanderley, Adriana Marques de Mattos, Ana Paola Robatto, Nayara Argollo

Open Access Commentary

An overestimation of the prevalence of ASD among psychiatric patients

Susanne Bejerot, Lena Nylander


Biases, Barriers, and Possible Solutions: Steps Towards Addressing Autism Researchers Under-Engagement with Racially, Ethnically, and Socioeconomically Diverse Communities

Melissa Maye, Brian A. Boyd, Frances Martínez-Pedraza, Alycia Halladay, Audrey Thurm, David S. Mandell