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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 8/2018
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 8/2018


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12-03-2018 | Original Paper

Early Identification of ASD Through Telemedicine: Potential Value for Underserved Populations
A. Pablo Juárez, Amy S. Weitlauf, Amy Nicholson, Anna Pasternak, Neill Broderick, Jeffrey Hine, J. Alacia Stainbrook, Zachary Warren

28-02-2018 | Original Paper

Effects of Prosodic and Semantic Cues on Facial Emotion Recognition in Relation to Autism-Like Traits
Melina J. West, David A. Copland, Wendy L. Arnott, Nicole L. Nelson, Anthony J. Angwin

01-03-2018 | Original Paper

Gender Differences During Toddlerhood in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Prospective Community-Based Longitudinal Follow-Up Study
Lauren P. Lawson, Rucha Joshi, Josephine Barbaro, Cheryl Dissanayake

02-03-2018 | Original Paper

Modification of the Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Terry Katz, Amy M. Shui, Cynthia R. Johnson, Amanda L. Richdale, Ann M. Reynolds, Lawrence Scahill, Beth A. Malow

02-03-2018 | Original Paper

Caregiver Mental Health, Parenting Practices, and Perceptions of Child Attachment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Samantha J. Teague, Louise K. Newman, Bruce J. Tonge, Kylie M. Gray, Anaha Aery, Ellaina Andersson, Jo Arciuli, Sheena Arora, Louise Bezzina, Rebecca Blackmore, Ross Borland, Jodie Caruana, Danyelle Cawood, Kristina Clarke, Jamin Day, David Dossetor, Stewart Einfeld, Eric Emerson, Holly Evans, Ana Fernandez, Stephen Goodall, Kylie Gray, Kaaren Haas, Kevin Henderson, Tania Henry, Sharon Hinton, Fiona Hoath, Julie Hodges, Sian Horstead, Pat Howlin, Nan Hu, Caroline Keating, Eliza Kelly, Rachael Knott, Pauline Kotselas, Eva Louie, Zyra McAuliffe, Gemma O’Hagan, Babak Panahi, Kathryne Phillis, Lauren Rice, Oriel Rose, Cassandra Rotolone, Luis Salvador-Carulla, Matt Sanders, Martha Schoch, Fionnuala Shortt, Natalie Silove, Kate Sofronoff, Lucille Stace, John Taffe, Samantha Teague, Bruce Tonge, Donna-Marie Thompson, Emily Wallman, Rosalie Viney

02-03-2018 | Original Paper

Processing Speed is Impaired in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Relates to Social Communication Abilities
Sarah M. Haigh, Jennifer A. Walsh, Carla A. Mazefsky, Nancy J. Minshew, Shaun M. Eack

09-03-2018 | Original Paper

Prevalence of Co-occurring Medical and Behavioral Conditions/Symptoms Among 4- and 8-Year-Old Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Selected Areas of the United States in 2010
G. N. Soke, M. J. Maenner, D. Christensen, M. Kurzius-Spencer, L. A. Schieve

Open Access 03-03-2018 | Original Paper

Implementation of a Practice Development Model to Reduce the Wait for Autism Spectrum Diagnosis in Adults
Marion Rutherford, Kirsty Forsyth, Karen McKenzie, Iain McClure, Aja Murray, Deborah McCartney, Linda Irvine, Anne O’Hare

Open Access 09-03-2018 | Original Paper

The Association Between Sequence Learning on the Serial Reaction Time Task and Social Impairments in Autism
Fenny S. Zwart, Constance Th. W. M. Vissers, Joseph H. R. Maes

07-03-2018 | Original Paper

Using Video Modeling as an Anti-bullying Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Catherine Rex, Marjorie H. Charlop, Vicki Spector

Open Access 06-03-2018 | Original Paper

Do Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Share Fairly and Reciprocally?
Calum Hartley, Sophie Fisher

Open Access 06-03-2018 | Original Paper

Emotion Control Predicts Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems in Boys With and Without an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Marieke G. N. Bos, Sofia Diamantopoulou, Lex Stockmann, Sander Begeer, Carolien Rieffe

15-03-2018 | Original Paper

ACT Processes in Group Intervention for Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kenneth Fung, Johanna Lake, Lee Steel, Kelly Bryce, Yona Lunsky

13-03-2018 | Original Paper

An Exploratory Trial of Transdermal Nicotine for Aggression and Irritability in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Alan S. Lewis, Gerrit Ian van Schalkwyk, Mayra Ortiz Lopez, Fred R. Volkmar, Marina R. Picciotto, Denis G. Sukhodolsky

Open Access 16-03-2018 | Original Paper

Face Identity Recognition and the Social Difficulties Component of the Autism-Like Phenotype: Evidence for Phenotypic and Genetic Links
Gary J. Lewis, Nicolas G. Shakeshaft, Robert Plomin

16-03-2018 | Original Paper

Maternal Exposures Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Jamaican Children
MacKinsey A. Christian, Maureen Samms-Vaughan, MinJae Lee, Jan Bressler, Manouchehr Hessabi, Megan L. Grove, Sydonnie Shakespeare-Pellington, Charlene Coore Desai, Jody-Ann Reece, Katherine A. Loveland, Eric Boerwinkle, Mohammad H. Rahbar

20-03-2018 | Original Paper

Understanding Performance and Verbal-Communication of Children with ASD in a Collaborative Virtual Environment
Lian Zhang, Zachary Warren, Amy Swanson, Amy Weitlauf, Nilanjan Sarkar

Open Access 21-03-2018 | Original Paper

Imaginary Companions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Paige E. Davis, Haley Simon, Elizabeth Meins, Diana L. Robins

21-03-2018 | Original Paper

The Clinical Features of Comorbid Pediatric Bipolar Disorder in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dicle Sapmaz, Saliha Baykal, Seher Akbaş

24-03-2018 | Original Paper

The Broader Autism Phenotype and Visual Perception in Children
Antoinette Sabatino DiCriscio, Vanessa Troiani

27-03-2018 | Original Paper

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Prefer Looking at Repetitive Movements in a Preferential Looking Paradigm
Qiandong Wang, Yixiao Hu, Dejun Shi, Yaoxin Zhang, Xiaobing Zou, Sheng Li, Fang Fang, Li Yi

Open Access 27-03-2018 | Original Paper

Towards a Treatment for Intolerance of Uncertainty for Autistic Adults: A Single Case Experimental Design Study
J. Rodgers, R. Herrema, E. Honey, M. Freeston

27-03-2018 | Original Paper

Embedding Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis Within the Medical Home: Decreasing Wait Times Through Streamlined Assessment
Jeffrey F. Hine, Catherine G. Herrington, Alice M. Rothman, Rachel L. Mace, Barron L. Patterson, Kathryn L. Carlson, Zachary E. Warren

28-03-2018 | Original Paper

Deviations from Typical Developmental Trajectories Detectable at 9 Months of Age in Low Risk Children Later Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Michael Davidovitch, Nataly Stein, Gideon Koren, Bat Chen Friedman

17-03-2018 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Developmental Trajectories of Adaptive Behavior in Children and Adolescents with ASD
Allison T. Meyer, Patrick S. Powell, Nicole Butera, Mark R. Klinger, Laura G. Klinger

20-03-2018 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Parent’s Assessments of Their Care-Related Stress and Child’s ASD Symptoms in Relation to Their child’s Intervention History
Daniel Shepherd, Rita Csako, Jason Landon, Sonja Goedeke, Kelly Ty

27-03-2018 | Letter to the Editor

Additive Effect of Variably Penetrant 22q11.2 Duplication and Pathogenic Mutations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: To Which Extent Does the Tree Hide the Forest?
Caroline Demily, Gaétan Lesca, Alice Poisson, Marianne Till, Giulia Barcia, Nicolas Chatron, Damien Sanlaville, Arnold Munnich

12-03-2018 | Commentary

Understanding the Linguistic Needs of Diverse Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Some Comments on the Research Literature and Suggestions for Clinicians
Nataly Lim, Mark F. O’Reilly, Jeff Sigafoos, Giulio E. Lancioni

13-03-2018 | Book Review

Bernard Fleming, Elisabeth Hurley and The Goth: Choosing Autism Interventions: A Research-Based Guide
Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd., Hove, UK, 2015, 356 pp., ISBN-13: 978-1910366769, $30.33 (paper)
Oren Shtayermman

27-03-2018 | Book Review

Jill Boucher: Autism Spectrum Disorder (2nd ed.)
Sage Publications, London, 2017, viii + 356 pp., ISBN 978-1-4462-9567-0, $46.65
Deborah Fein

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