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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 8/2014

Inhoudsopgave (30 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Time Trends Over 16 Years in Incidence-Rates of Autism Spectrum Disorders Across the Lifespan Based on Nationwide Danish Register Data

Christina Mohr Jensen, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen, Marlene Briciet Lauritsen

Original Paper

Efficiency of Lexical Access in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Does Modality Matter?

Keely Harper-Hill, David Copland, Wendy Arnott

Original Paper

Downregulation of GABAA Receptor Protein Subunits α6, β2, δ, ε, γ2, θ, and ρ2 in Superior Frontal Cortex of Subjects with Autism

S. Hossein Fatemi, Teri J. Reutiman, Timothy D. Folsom, Oyvind G. Rustan, Robert J. Rooney, Paul D. Thuras

Open Access Original Paper

Going ‘Above and Beyond’: Are Those High in Autistic Traits Less Pro-social?

Leila Jameel, Karishma Vyas, Giulia Bellesi, Victoria Roberts, Shelley Channon

Original Paper

Impact of Adherence to Best Practice Guidelines on the Diagnostic and Assessment Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Claire Hathorn, Nahed Alateeqi, Catriona Graham, Anne O’Hare

Original Paper

Movie for the Assessment of Social Cognition (MASC): Spanish Validation

G. Lahera, L. Boada, E. Pousa, I. Mirapeix, G. Morón-Nozaleda, L. Marinas, L. Gisbert, M. Pamiàs, M. Parellada

Original Paper

Effects of Equine Assisted Activities on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Beth A. Lanning, Margaret E. Matyastik Baier, Julie Ivey-Hatz, Nancy Krenek, Jack D. Tubbs

Original Paper

Examination of Bidirectional Relationships Between Parent Stress and Two Types of Problem Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anat Zaidman-Zait, Pat Mirenda, Eric Duku, Peter Szatmari, Stelios Georgiades, Joanne Volden, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Tracy Vaillancourt, Susan Bryson, Isabel Smith, Eric Fombonne, Wendy Roberts, Charlotte Waddell, Ann Thompson

Original Paper

How Will DSM-5 Affect Autism Diagnosis? A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis

Kristine M. Kulage, Arlene M. Smaldone, Elizabeth G. Cohn

Original Paper

Caring for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Parents’ Quality of Life: Application of the CarerQol

Renske Hoefman, Nalin Payakachat, Job van Exel, Karen Kuhlthau, Erica Kovacs, Jeffrey Pyne, J. Mick Tilford

Original Paper

Age Related Differences of Executive Functioning Problems in Everyday Life of Children and Adolescents in the Autism Spectrum

Sanne F. W. M. van den Bergh, Anke M. Scheeren, Sander Begeer, Hans M. Koot, Hilde M. Geurts

Original Paper

Atypical Prosody in Asperger Syndrome: Perceptual and Acoustic Measurements

Marisa G. Filipe, Sónia Frota, São Luís Castro, Selene G. Vicente

Original Paper

A Preliminary Investigation of the Spence Children’s Anxiety Parent Scale as a Screening Tool for Anxiety in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hani Zainal, Iliana Magiati, Julianne Wen-Li Tan, Min Sung, Daniel S. S. Fung, Patricia Howlin

Original Paper

A Twin Study of Heritable and Shared Environmental Contributions to Autism

Thomas W. Frazier, Lee Thompson, Eric A. Youngstrom, Paul Law, Antonio Y. Hardan, Charis Eng, Nathan Morris

Original Paper

Cognitive, Adaptive, and Psychosocial Differences Between High Ability Youth With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder

Alissa F. Doobay, Megan Foley-Nicpon, Saba R. Ali, Susan G. Assouline

Brief Report

Brief Report: Evidence for Normative Resting-State Physiology in Autism

Heather J. Nuske, Giacomo Vivanti, Cheryl Dissanayake

Letter to the Editor

Asperger’s Disorder on Life Support

Richard Perry

Letter To the Editor

Screening, Intervention and Outcome in Autism and Other Developmental Disorders: The Role of Randomized Controlled Trials

Elisabeth Fernell, Philip Wilson, Nouchine Hadjikhani, Thomas Bourgeron, Brian Neville, David Taylor, Helen Minnis, Christopher Gillberg

Response to the Letter

On the Misapplication of the BAPQ in a Study of Autism

Takeshi Nishiyama, Stephen M. Kanne