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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 7/2019

Inhoudsopgave (35 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Widespread Disrupted White Matter Microstructure in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Louise Gallagher, Jane McGrath

Original Paper

Motor Memory Deficits Contribute to Motor Impairments in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kristina A. Neely, Suman Mohanty, Lauren M. Schmitt, Zheng Wang, John A. Sweeney, Matthew W. Mosconi

Original Paper

College Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Students on the Autism Spectrum

Devon White, Ashleigh Hillier, Alice Frye, Emily Makrez

Original Paper

A Developmental Perspective of Global and Local Visual Perception in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jacalyn Guy, Laurent Mottron, Claude Berthiaume, Armando Bertone

Original Paper

Factor Analysis of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale in a Sample of Two Year Olds with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Emily Moulton, Kathryn Bradbury, Marianne Barton, Deborah Fein

Original Paper

Autistic Traits are Linked to Individual Differences in Familiar Voice Identification

Verena G. Skuk, Romina Palermo, Laura Broemer, Stefan R. Schweinberger

Open Access Original Paper

Impaired Recognition of Basic Emotions from Facial Expressions in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Assessing the Importance of Expression Intensity

Sarah Griffiths, Christopher Jarrold, Ian S. Penton-Voak, Andy T. Woods, Andy L. Skinner, Marcus R. Munafò

Original Paper

The Therapeutic Relationship as Predictor of Change in Music Therapy with Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Karin Mössler, Christian Gold, Jörg Aßmus, Karin Schumacher, Claudine Calvet, Silke Reimer, Gun Iversen, Wolfgang Schmid

Open Access Original Paper

Examining the Effectiveness of Naturalistic Social Skills Training in Developing Social Skills and Theory of Mind in Preschoolers with ASD

Grzegorz Szumski, Joanna Smogorzewska, Paweł Grygiel, Ann-Marie Orlando

Open Access OriginalPaper

Social Cognition in Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Co-twin Control Study

J. Isaksson, A. Van’t Westeinde, É. Cauvet, R. Kuja-Halkola, K. Lundin, J. Neufeld, C. Willfors, S. Bölte

Original Paper

The Importance of Temperament for Understanding Early Manifestations of Autism Spectrum Disorder in High-Risk Infants

Sarah J. Paterson, Jason J. Wolff, Jed T. Elison, Breanna Winder-Patel, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Annette Estes, Juhi Pandey, Robert T. Schultz, Kelly Botteron, Stephen R. Dager, Heather C. Hazlett, Joseph Piven, J. Piven, H. C. Hazlett, C. Chappell, S. Dager, A. Estes, D. Shaw, K. N. Botteron, R. C. McKinstry, J. Constantino, J. Pruett, R. T. Schultz, S. Paterson, L. Zwaigenbaum, J. Elison, A. C. Evans, D. L. Collins, G. B. Pike, V. Fonov, P. Kostopoulos, S. Das, G. Gerig, M. Styner, H. Gu

Original Paper

Do Student Characteristics Affect Teachers’ Decisions to Use 1:1 Instruction?

Heather J. Nuske, Melanie Pellecchia, Viktor Lushin, Keiran Rump, Max Seidman, Rachel R. Ouellette, Diana Cooney, Brenna B. Maddox, Gwendolyn M. Lawson, Amber Song, Erica M. Reisinger, David S. Mandell


The Economic Costs of Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Literature Review

Nicky Rogge, Juliette Janssen

Original Paper

Mood Disorders in High-Functioning Autism: The Importance of Alexithymia and Emotional Regulation

Kristen P. Morie, Scott Jackson, Zu Wei Zhai, Marc N. Potenza, Barbara Dritschel


Atypical Response to Caregiver Touch in Infants at High Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Girija Kadlaskar, Amanda Seidl, Helen Tager-Flusberg, Charles A. Nelson, Brandon Keehn

Original Paper

Gender Differences in Social Inclusion of Youth with Autism and Intellectual Disability

María Lucía Morán, Laura E. Gómez, María Ángeles Alcedo, Ignacio Pedrosa

Brief Report

Brief Report: The ADOS Calibrated Severity Score Best Measures Autism Diagnostic Symptom Severity in Pre-School Children

Lisa D. Wiggins, Brian Barger, Eric Moody, Gnakub Soke, Juhi Pandey, Susan Levy

Brief Report

Brief Report: Development and Validation of the Autism Spectrum Knowledge Scale General Population Version: Preliminary Analyses

Maryellen Brunson McClain, Bryn Harris, Sarah E. Schwartz, Kandice J. Benallie, Megan E. Golson, Chandler M. Benney

Brief Report

Brief Report: Visual Perception, Task-Induced Pupil Response Trajectories and ASD Features in Children

Antoinette Sabatino DiCriscio, Yirui Hu, Vanessa Troiani

Letter to the Editor

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Psychiatric Comorbidity in a Patient with Myhre Syndrome

Pehlivanidis Artemios, Spyropoulou Areti, Papanikolaou Katerina, Fryssira Helen, Tsoytsoy Eirini, Papageorgiou Charalambos


A Protocol for Sedation Free MRI and PET Imaging in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

C. J. Smith, A. Bhanot, E. Norman, J. E. Mullett, S. D. Bilbo, C. J. McDougle, N. R. Zürcher, J. M. Hooker