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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 4/2024

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S.I. :First Responders and Autism

Editorial: Training in Autism Among First Responders

Marc R. Woodbury-Smith, Alexander Westphal, Rachel Loftin

Original Paper

Vocal Emotion Recognition in Autism: Behavioral Performance and Event-Related Potential (ERP) Response

Talena C. Day, Isha Malik, Sydney Boateng, Kathryn M. Hauschild, Matthew D. Lerner

Open Access Original Paper

Virtual Training of Medical Students to Promote the Comfort and Cooperation of Patients with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Andrea Q. Hoang, Dorothea C. Lerman, Jennifer Trang Nguyen

Original Paper

Predictors of Aggression, Disruptive Behavior, and Anger Dysregulation in Youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cynthia E. Brown, Lauren B. Quetsch, Lindsey S. Aloia, Stephen M. Kanne

Original Paper

Perspectives on Employer-Initiated Terminations Among Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Florencia Pezzimenti, Eman Durrani, Shuting Zheng, Ryan E. Adams, Somer L. Bishop, Julie Lounds Taylor

Original Paper

Brain Signatures of Early and Late Neural Measures of Auditory Habituation and Discrimination in Autism and Their Relationship to Autistic Traits and Sensory Overresponsivity

Emily Cary, Devon Pacheco, Elizabeth Kaplan-Kahn, Elizabeth McKernan, Erin Matsuba, Beth Prieve, Natalie Russo

Original Paper

The Contribution of Perceptual Reasoning Skills to Phonological Awareness for School Age Autistic Children

Charlotte Rimmer, Gwenaëlle Philibert-Lignières, Grace Iarocci, Eve-Marie Quintin

Original Paper

Spatial Language and Cognition in Autistic Preschoolers

Kathryn E. Prescott, Kimberly Crespo, Susan Ellis Weismer

S.I. :First Responders and Autism

Creating the Global Criminal Justice Survey: A Questionnaire Designed to Gather Perspectives from the Autism Community and Criminal Justice Professionals

Abigail M. A. Love, Vicki Gibbs, Dylan Cooper, Teal W. Benevides, Melanie C. Mogavero, Icylee L. Basketbill, Lindsey L. Shea

Original Paper

Response to Music-Mediated Intervention in Autistic Children with Limited Spoken Language Ability

Angela MacDonald-Prégent, Fauzia Saiyed, Krista Hyde, Megha Sharda, Aparna Nadig

Original Paper

Musical Beat Perception Skills of Autistic and Neurotypical Children

Hadas Dahary, Charlotte Rimmer, Eve-Marie Quintin

Original Paper

Resting Heart Rate Variability and Emotion Dysregulation in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hey Tou Chiu, Isaac Nam Ip, Fiona Ngai Ying Ching, Bernard Pak-Ho Wong, Wan-Hap Lui, Chi-Shing Tse, Savio Wai Ho Wong

Open Access Original Paper

Effect of Emotional Valence on Emotion Recognition in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sarah J. Palmer, Adrian Fanucci-Kiss, Ella Kipervassar, Isha Jalnapurkar, Steven M. Hodge, Jean A. Frazier, David Cochran

Original Paper

Associations Among Autism Symptom Domains and Facets of Caregiver Strain

Sophie Brunt, Rose Nevill, Micah O. Mazurek

Original Paper

Concordance Between Accelerometer-Measured and Self-Reported Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Adults with Autism

Daehyoung Lee, Georgia C. Frey, Donetta J. Cothran, Jaroslaw Harezlak, Patrick C. Shih

Original Paper

The Relationship Between Parenting Stress and Parental Burnout Among Chinese Parents of Children with ASD: A Moderated Mediation Model

Shuyu Liu, Li Zhang, Jintian Yi, Sige Liu, Dan Li, Dehua Wu, Huazhan Yin

Original Paper

Self-reported Everyday Sources of Happiness and Unhappiness in Autistic Adults

China I. Parenteau, Linnea A. Lampinen, Sheila S. Ghods, Julie L. Taylor, Ryan E. Adams, Somer L. Bishop, Shuting Zheng

Open Access Original Paper

Autistic Adults Show Intact Learning on a Visuospatial Serial Reaction Time Task

Isaac N. Treves, Jonathan Cannon, Eren Shin, Cindy E. Li, Lindsay Bungert, Amanda O’Brien, Annie Cardinaux, Pawan Sinha, John D. E. Gabrieli

Open Access Original Paper

Estimating the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in New South Wales, Australia: A Data Linkage Study of Three Routinely Collected Datasets

Timothy C. Nielsen, Natasha Nassar, Kelsie A. Boulton, Adam J. Guastella, Samantha J. Lain

Open Access Article

Plasma Amino Acid Profile in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Southern China: Analysis of 110 Cases

Wen-Xiong Chen, Yi-Ru Chen, Min-Zhi Peng, Xian Liu, Yan-Na Cai, Zhi-Fang Huang, Si-Yuan Yang, Jing-Yu Huang, Ruo-Han Wang, Peng Yi, Li Liu

Open Access Original Paper

Societal Attitudes Towards Autism (SATA): Validation of the Greek Version in the General Population

Vasiliki Zarokanellou, Alexandros Gryparis, Paraskevi Papatheodorou, Giorgos Tatsis, Dionysios Tafiadis, Angelos Papadopoulos, Louiza Voniati, Vassiliki Siafaka

Original Paper

Age- and Gender-Specific Prevalence of Intellectually Disabled Population in India

Mudit Kapoor, Mayanka Ambade, Shamika Ravi, S. V. Subramanian

S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Integrating Big Data and Assistive Technology to Improve College Students’ Public Mental Health Quality During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fangling Yang, Meiying Ni, Xiaoying Bian, Mei Liu

S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Analysis of Factors Affecting Mental Health in College English Teaching Courses

Ran An

S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Improve Students' Fast Reading Ability Based on Visual Positioning Technology

Jing Jiang, Qun Zheng, Yinhui Liang, Fudong Li, Bin Jiang, Lei Wang, Ting Wang

S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Graph Neural Network on Psychological Prediction of College Students Special Education

Yicong Li, Shuo Sun, Yu Dong

Open Access S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Study on the Impact of Inherent Ability on the High Quality of Life in the Elderly Based on Mediating Effect of Value Participation

Juan Luo, Xiaoxiao Chen, Yajun Duan, Yuliang Su

S.i. :impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) Method for Classification of Preschool Children Brain Imaging

Deming Li, Li De, Li Keqing, Gazmir Gjoni

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Audio-Visual Automatic Speech Recognition Towards Education for Disabilities

Saswati Debnath, Pinki Roy, Suyel Namasudra, Ruben Gonzalez Crespo