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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 4/2014

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Original Paper

Social Impairments in Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome (22q11.2DS): Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Different Endophenotype?

Kathleen Angkustsiri, Beth Goodlin-Jones, Lesley Deprey, Khyati Brahmbhatt, Susan Harris, Tony J. Simon

Original Paper

Parents’ and Child Health Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Dietary Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Elizabeth Winburn, Jenna Charlton, Helen McConachie, Elaine McColl, Jeremy Parr, Anne O’Hare, Gillian Baird, Paul Gringras, David C. Wilson, Ashley Adamson, Sandra Adams, Ann Le Couteur

Original Paper

The Missing Link: Delayed Emotional Development Predicts Challenging Behavior in Adults with Intellectual Disability

Tanja Sappok, Jan Budczies, Isabel Dziobek, Sven Bölte, Anton Dosen, Albert Diefenbacher

Original Paper

Disturbed Interplay Between Mid- and High-Level Vision in ASD? Evidence from a Contour Identification Task with Everyday Objects

Kris Evers, Sven Panis, Katrien Torfs, Jean Steyaert, Ilse Noens, Johan Wagemans

Original Paper

Improving Question-Asking Initiations in Young Children with Autism Using Pivotal Response Treatment

Robert L. Koegel, Jessica L. Bradshaw, Kristen Ashbaugh, Lynn Kern Koegel


Erratum to: Social Information Processing in Preschool Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Yair Ziv, Bat Sheva Hadad, Yasmine Khateeb, Ruth Terkel-Dawer

Original Paper

Using Self- and Parent-Reports to Test the Association Between Peer Victimization and Internalizing Symptoms in Verbally Fluent Adolescents with ASD

Ryan E. Adams, Bridget K. Fredstrom, Amie W. Duncan, Lauren J. Holleb, Somer L. Bishop

Original Paper

Reduction in Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Leonardo Emberti Gialloreti, Matteo Pardini, Francesca Benassi, Sara Marciano, Mario Amore, Maria Giulia Mutolo, Maria Cristina Porfirio, Paolo Curatolo

Original Paper

Social Smiling and Its Components in High-Risk Infant Siblings Without Later ASD Symptomatology

Caitlin McMahon Nichols, Lisa V. Ibañez, Jennifer H. Foss-Feig, Wendy L. Stone

Original Paper

“In the Driver’s Seat”: Parent Perceptions of Choice in a Participant-Directed Medicaid Waiver Program for Young Children with Autism

Maria T. Timberlake, Walter N. Leutz, Marji Erickson Warfield, Giuseppina Chiri

Original Paper

National Survey of Sensory Features in Children with ASD: Factor Structure of the Sensory Experience Questionnaire (3.0)

Karla Ausderau, John Sideris, Melissa Furlong, Lauren M. Little, John Bulluck, Grace T. Baranek

Original Paper

Video Feedforward for Rapid Learning of a Picture-Based Communication System

Jemma Smith, Linda Hand, Peter W. Dowrick

Original Paper

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Outcomes of Parent-Identified Goals for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An ABA′ Multiple Case Design Examining Dosing and Generalization to the Home and Community

Margo B. Holm, Joanne M. Baird, Young Joo Kim, Kuwar B. Rajora, Delma D’Silva, Lin Podolinsky, Carla Mazefsky, Nancy Minshew

Original Paper

Antiepileptic Medications in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Tomoya Hirota, Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, Eric Hollander, Taro Kishi

Original Paper

STX209 (Arbaclofen) for Autism Spectrum Disorders: An 8-Week Open-Label Study

Craig A. Erickson, Jeremy M. Veenstra-Vanderweele, Raun D. Melmed, James T. McCracken, Lawrence D. Ginsberg, Linmarie Sikich, Lawrence Scahill, Maryann Cherubini, Peter Zarevics, Karen Walton-Bowen, Randall L. Carpenter, Mark F. Bear, Paul P. Wang, Bryan H. King

Brief Report

Brief Report: Atypical Expression of Distress During the Separation Phase of the Strange Situation Procedure in Infant Siblings at High Risk for ASD

Gianluca Esposito, Maria del Carmen Rostagno, Paola Venuti, John D. Haltigan, Daniel S. Messinger

Brief Report

Brief Report: Pilot Single-Blind Placebo Lead-In Study of Acamprosate in Youth with Autistic Disorder

Craig A. Erickson, Logan K. Wink, Maureen C. Early, Elizabeth Stiegelmeyer, Lauren Mathieu-Frasier, Vanessa Patrick, Christopher J. McDougle

Letter to the Editor

Two Proposed Early Biomarker Tests of ASD: More Harm Than Good

George M. Anderson, Sherin S. Stahl