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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 2/2020

Inhoudsopgave (33 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Paper

Adaptation to the Speed of Biological Motion in Autism

Themis Karaminis, Roberto Arrighi, Georgia Forth, David Burr, Elizabeth Pellicano

Open Access Original Paper

Parenting Strategies Used by Parents of Children with ASD: Differential Links with Child Problem Behaviour

Elizabeth O’Nions, Eva Ceulemans, Francesca Happé, Paul Benson, Kris Evers, Ilse Noens

Original Paper

Autism and Reactions to Provocation in a Social and Non-social Context

Lisa Wagels, Isabella Schneider, Saskia Menke, Anna Katharina Ponge, Nils Kohn, Frank Schneider, Ute Habel

Original Paper

Motor Disturbance in ASD: A Pilot Study Showing Hypokinetic Behavior?

M. A. L. Mostert-Kerckhoffs, A. E. Willems, D. E. Tenback, J. P. Koning, P. Van Harten, W. G. Staal

Original Paper

School Inclusion in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders in France: Report from the ELENA French Cohort Study

Cécile Rattaz, Kerim Munir, Cécile Michelon, Marie-Christine Picot, Amaria Baghdadli, Amaria Baghdadli, Catherine Chabaux, Clarisse Chatel, David Cohen, Emmanuel Damville, Marie-Maude Geoffray, Ludovic Gicquel, Renaud Jardri, Thierry Maffre, Alexandre Novo, Roxane Odoyer, Marie-Joëlle Oreve, Didier Périsse, François Poinso, Julien Pottelette, Laurence Robel, Catherine Rolland, Marie Schoenberger, Sylvie Serret, Sandrine Sonié, Mario Speranza, Stéphanie Vespirini

Original Paper

Gluten-Free Diet in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Randomized, Controlled, Single-Blinded Trial

Anna Piwowarczyk, Andrea Horvath, Ewa Pisula, Rafał Kawa, Hania Szajewska

Original Paper

Comparing the Psychometric Properties of the Self- and Parent-Report Versions of Autism-Spectrum Quotient-Adult in Hong Kong (AQ-Adult-HK)

Vitti W. K. Poon, Dorothy S. T. Shu, Raymond W. S. Chan, Cecilia N. W. Leung, Patrick W. L. Leung

Original Paper

Maternal Dyslipidemia, Plasma Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and the Risk of Child Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence of Sex Difference

Anita A. Panjwani, Yuelong Ji, Jed W. Fahey, Amanda Palmer, Guoying Wang, Xiumei Hong, Barry Zuckerman, Xiaobin Wang

Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms and Bullying Victimization Among Children with Autism in the United States

Danequa L. Forrest, Rhiannon A. Kroeger, Samuel Stroope

Open Access OriginalPaper

Dissociation in How Core Autism Features Relate to Interoceptive Dimensions: Evidence from Cardiac Awareness in Children

E. R. Palser, A. Fotopoulou, E. Pellicano, J. M. Kilner

Open Access Original Paper

Understanding Number Line Estimation in Williams Syndrome and Down Syndrome

V. Simms, A. Karmiloff-Smith, E. Ranzato, J. Van Herwegen

Original Paper

Impaired P1 Habituation and Mismatch Negativity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Francisco J. Ruiz-Martínez, Elena I. Rodríguez-Martínez, C. Ellie Wilson, Shu Yau, David Saldaña, Carlos M. Gómez

Open Access Original Paper

Psychotropic Medication Prescribing for Neuropsychiatric Comorbidities in Individuals Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the UK

Basmah H. Alfageh, Kenneth K. C. Man, Frank M. C. Besag, Tariq M. Alhawassi, Ian C. K. Wong, Ruth Brauer

Brief Report

Evaluating the Influence of Intraverbal Topography in Conditional Discrimination Procedures

Lyndsay A. Fairchild, Daniel L. Gadke, Kasee K. Stratton, Emily S. Mathis, Alexander B. Clarke

Open Access Brief Report

Short Report: Social Perception of High School Students with ASD in Norway

Ingjerd Skafle, Anders Nordahl-Hansen, Roald A. Øien

Brief Report

Buspirone for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Williams Syndrome: A Case Series

Robyn P. Thom, Christopher J. Keary, Jessica L. Waxler, Barbara R. Pober, Christopher J. McDougle