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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 2/2016

Special Issue: Discourse and Conversation Analytic Approaches to the Study of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Discourse/Conversation Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michelle O’Reilly, Jessica Nina Lester, Tom Muskett


Erratum to: Discourse/Conversation Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michelle O’Reilly, Jessica Nina Lester, Tom Muskett

S.I. : Discourse and conversation analytic approaches to the study of ASD

By the Book: An Analysis of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Condition Co-constructing Fictional Narratives with Peers

Kristen Bottema-Beutel, Rachael White

S.I.: Discourse and conversation analytic approaches to the study of ASD

‘What Brings Him Here Today?’: Medical Problem Presentation Involving Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Typically Developing Children

Olga Solomon, John Heritage, Larry Yin, Douglas W. Maynard, Margaret L. Bauman

S.I. : Discourse and conversation analytic approaches to the study of ASD

A Multidimensional Reappraisal of Language in Autism: Insights from a Discourse Analytic Study

Laura Sterponi, Kenton de Kirby

S.I. : Discourse and conversation analytic approaches to the study of ASD

Parents as a Team: Mother, Father, a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a Spinning Toy

Douglas W. Maynard, T. A. McDonald, Trini Stickle

Original Paper

Perceived Social Competence and Loneliness Among Young Children with ASD: Child, Parent and Teacher Reports

Sasha M. Zeedyk, Shana R. Cohen, Abbey Eisenhower, Jan Blacher

Original Paper

Ultra-Rapid Categorization of Meaningful Real-Life Scenes in Adults With and Without ASD

Steven Vanmarcke, Ruth Van Der Hallen, Kris Evers, Ilse Noens, Jean Steyaert, Johan Wagemans

Original Paper

Longitudinal Examination of Adaptive Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Influence of Executive Function

Cara E. Pugliese, Laura Gutermuth Anthony, John F. Strang, Katerina Dudley, Gregory L. Wallace, Daniel Q. Naiman, Lauren Kenworthy

Open Access Original Paper

Does the cognitive architecture of simplex and multiplex ASD families differ?

Anoek M. Oerlemans, Catharina A. Hartman, Barbara Franke, Jan K. Buitelaar, Nanda N. J. Rommelse

Original Paper

Low Fidelity Imitation of Atypical Biological Kinematics in Autism Spectrum Disorders Is Modulated by Self-Generated Selective Attention

Spencer J. Hayes, Matthew Andrew, Digby Elliott, Emma Gowen, Simon J. Bennett

Original Paper

Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Nurseries in Lebanon: A Cross Sectional Study

Monique Chaaya, Dahlia Saab, Fadi T. Maalouf, Rose-Mary Boustany

Original Paper

Maternal Psychiatric Disorder and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disability in Subsequent Offspring

Jenny Fairthorne, Geoff Hammond, Jenny Bourke, Nick de Klerk, Helen Leonard

Original Paper

Depression in Adolescents with ASD: A Pilot RCT of a Group Intervention

Damian Santomauro, Jeanie Sheffield, Kate Sofronoff

Original Paper

Obstetrical Mode of Delivery and Childhood Behavior and Psychological Development in a British Cohort

Eileen A. Curran, John F. Cryan, Louise C. Kenny, Timothy G. Dinan, Patricia M. Kearney, Ali S. Khashan

Original Paper

Sex Differences in Internalizing Problems During Adolescence in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tasha M. Oswald, Mary Ann Winter-Messiers, Brandon Gibson, Alexandra M. Schmidt, Cynthia M. Herr, Marjorie Solomon

Original Paper

Preserved Self-other Distinction During Empathy in Autism is Linked to Network Integrity of Right Supramarginal Gyrus

Ferdinand Hoffmann, Svenja Koehne, Nikolaus Steinbeis, Isabel Dziobek, Tania Singer

Original Paper

Self-Presentation and the Role of Perspective Taking and Social Motivation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anke M. Scheeren, Robin Banerjee, Hans M. Koot, Sander Begeer

Original Paper

Improvement in Social Competence Using a Randomized Trial of a Theatre Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Blythe A. Corbett, Alexandra P. Key, Lydia Qualls, Stephanie Fecteau, Cassandra Newsom, Catherine Coke, Paul Yoder

Original Paper

Nutritional Impact of a Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Salvador Marí-Bauset, Agustín Llopis-González, Itziar Zazpe, Amelia Marí-Sanchis, María Morales Suárez-Varela

Brief Report

Brief Report: Translation and Adaptation of the Theory of Mind Inventory to Spanish

Elena Pujals, Santiago Batlle, Ester Camprodon, Sílvia Pujals, Xavier Estrada, Marta Aceña, Araitz Petrizan, Lurdes Duñó, Josep Martí, Luis Miguel Martin, Víctor Pérez-Solá

Brief Report

Brief Report: Imitation of Object-Directed Acts in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Anna Gonsiorowski, Rebecca A. Williamson, Diana L. Robins

Brief Report

Brief Report: Recruitment and Retention of Minority Children for Autism Research

Irina Zamora, Marian E. Williams, Marcia Higareda, Barbara Y. Wheeler, Pat Levitt

Open Access Brief Communication

Parental Awareness of Sexual Experience in Adolescent Boys With Autism Spectrum Disorder

J. Dewinter, R. Vermeiren, I. Vanwesenbeeck, Ch. Van Nieuwenhuizen


Applied Behavior Analysis is a Science and, Therefore, Progressive

Justin B. Leaf, Ronald Leaf, John McEachin, Mitchell Taubman, Shahla Ala’i-Rosales, Robert K. Ross, Tristram Smith, Mary Jane Weiss