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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2/2000

Uitgave 2/2000

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01-04-2000 | Preface | Uitgave 2/2000

Editorial Preface

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Secretin and Autism: A Two-Part Clinical Investigation

Michael G. Chez, Cathleen P. Buchanan, Bradley T. Bagan, Michael S. Hammer, Karla S. McCarthy, Irina Ovrutskaya, Caralynn V. Nowinski, Zamia S. Cohen

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Comment Comments on “Secretin and Autism: A Two-Part Clinical Investigation” by M. G. Chez et al.

Bernard Rimland

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Reply Reply to B. Rimland's “Comments on ‘Secretin and Autism: A Two-Part Clinical Investigation’”

Michael G. Chez, Cathleen P. Buchanan

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Assessment in Multisite Randomized Clinical Trials of Patients with Autistic Disorder: The Autism RUPP Network

L. Eugene Arnold, Michael G. Aman, Andres Martin, Angie Collier-Crespin, Benedetto Vitiello, Elaine Tierney, Robert Asarnow, Felicia Bell-Bradshaw, Betty Jo Freeman, Patricia Gates-Ulanet, Ami Klin, James T. McCracken, Christopher J. McDougle, James J. McGough, David J. Posey, Lawrence Scahill, Naomi B. Swiezy, Louise Ritz, Fred Vokmar

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Developmental Regression in Autism: Maternal Perception

Michael Davidovitch, Lilach Glick, Gabriela Holtzman, Emanuel Tirosh, Marilyn P. Safir

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Case Report: High Functioning Autism and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder in Half Brothers

L. Zwaigenbaum, P. Szatmari, W. Mahoney, S. Bryson, G. Bartolucci, J. MacLean

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Parental Report of Sleep Problems in Children with Autism

Kimberly A. Schreck, James A. Mulick

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Age and IQ at Intake as Predictors of Placement for Young Children with Autism: A Four- to Six-Year Follow-Up

Sandra L. Harris, Jan S. Handleman

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

The Development of Siblings' Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Beth A. Glasberg

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Brief Report: Recognition of Autism Spectrum Disorder Before One Year of Age: A Retrospective Study Based on Home Videotapes

Emily Werner, Geraldine Dawson, Julie Osterling, Nuhad Dinno

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Brief Report: Interrater Reliability of Clinical Diagnosis and DSM-IV Criteria for Autistic Disorder: Results of the DSM-IV Autism Field Trial

Ami Klin, Jason Lang, Domenic V. Cicchetti, Fred R. Volkmar

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Brief Report: Comparison of Sensory-Motor and Cognitive Function Between Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Preschool Children

Ryoichiro Iwanaga, Chisato Kawasaki, Reiko Tsuchida

01-04-2000 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 2/2000

Letter to the Editor Is the Cognitive Style of the persons with the Asperger's Syndrome also a “mathematical style”?

01-04-2000 | Editorial Commentary | Uitgave 2/2000

Ask the Editor: What is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, how is it different from autism, and what is believed to be its cause?

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000


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