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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 1/2020

Uitgave 1/2020

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15-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Meeting FACES: Preliminary Findings from a Community Workshop for Minority Parents of Children with Autism in Central North Carolina

Jamie N. Pearson, Amanda L. Traficante, Lauren M. Denny, Kayla Malone, Evadine Codd

14-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

The Relation Between Autistic Traits, the Degree of Synaesthesia, and Local/Global Visual Perception

Floor Burghoorn, Mark Dingemanse, Rob van Lier, Tessa M. van Leeuwen

13-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Attention Modification to Attenuate Facial Emotion Recognition Deficits in Children with Autism: A Pilot Study

Andrea Trubanova Wieckowski, Susan W. White

13-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Adaptive Behavior in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Role of Flexibility

Jennifer R. Bertollo, John F. Strang, Laura G. Anthony, Lauren Kenworthy, Gregory L. Wallace, Benjamin E. Yerys

17-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Cultural Experiences of Arab American Caregivers Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Serene Habayeb, Sarah Dababnah, Aesha John, Brendan Rich

14-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Using a Virtual Manipulative Intervention Package to Support Maintenance in Teaching Subtraction with Regrouping to Students with Developmental Disabilities

Jiyoon Park, Emily C. Bouck, John P. Smith III

18-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Towards Identifying Genetic Biomarkers for Gastrointestinal Dysfunction in Autism

A. E. Shindler, E. L. Hill-Yardin, S. Petrovski, N. Bishop, A. E. Franks

19-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Within- and Cross-Modal Integration and Attention in the Autism Spectrum

Geneviève Charbonneau, Armando Bertone, Marie Véronneau, Simon Girard, Maxime Pelland, Laurent Mottron, Franco Lepore, Olivier Collignon

18-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

An Exploration of Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Needs and Interactions with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kirsten S. Railey, Joy Bowers-Campbell, Abigail M. A. Love, Jonathan M. Campbell

18-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Variant Profile of MECP2 Gene in Sri Lankan Patients with Rett Syndrome

D. Hettiarachchi, N. F. Neththikumara, B. A. P. S. Pathirana, V. H. W. Dissanayake

21-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

A Behavioural Assessment of Social Anxiety and Social Motivation in Fragile X, Cornelia de Lange and Rubinstein-Taybi Syndromes

Hayley Crawford, Joanna Moss, Laura Groves, Robyn Dowlen, Lisa Nelson, Donna Reid, Chris Oliver

24-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Association Between Prematurity and Diagnosis of Neurodevelopment Disorder: A Case–Control Study

Thaise C. B. Soncini, Gabriella Antunes Belotto, Alexandre P. Diaz

27-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Sulfate Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Autism

Richard J. Williams

30-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Sentiment Analysis in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders in an Ingroup/Outgroup Setting

E. Vaucheret Paz, M. Martino, M. Hyland, M. Corletto, C. Puga, M. Peralta, N. Deltetto, T. Kuhlmann, D. Cavalié, M. Leist, B. Duarte, I. Lascombes

28-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Internet Use Habits, Parental Control and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Young Subjects with Asperger Syndrome

Murat Coskun, Aydan Hajdini, Alper Alnak, Ali Karayagmurlu

03-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Sensory Abnormality and Quantitative Autism Traits in Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder in an Epidemiological Population

K. Jussila, M. Junttila, M. Kielinen, H. Ebeling, L. Joskitt, I. Moilanen, M.-L. Mattila

03-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Medical Setting: Insights from Certified Child Life Specialists

Emily J. Jensen, Cheryl Geisthardt, Pamela A. Sarigiani

03-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Assessing Social Communication and Collaboration in Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Intelligent Collaborative Virtual Environments

Lian Zhang, Amy S. Weitlauf, Ashwaq Zaini Amat, Amy Swanson, Zachary E. Warren, Nilanjan Sarkar

08-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Promoting Daily Living Skills for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder via Parent Delivery of Video Prompting

Elisa Cruz-Torres, Mary Louise Duffy, Michael P. Brady, Kyle D. Bennett, Peggy Goldstein

09-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Validity of Vocal Communication and Vocal Complexity in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jena McDaniel, Paul Yoder, Annette Estes, Sally J. Rogers

14-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Speech-Language Pathologists’ Knowledge and Consideration of Factors That May Predict, Moderate, and Mediate AAC Outcomes

Stephanie B. Sievers, David Trembath, Marleen F. Westerveld

12-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

A Randomized Waitlist-Control Group Study of a Culturally Tailored Parent Education Intervention for Latino Parents of Children with ASD

Sandy Magaña, Kristina Lopez, Kristen Salkas, Emily Iland, Miguel Angel Morales, Mariana Garcia Torres, Weiwen Zeng, Wendy Machalicek

17-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Caregivers: Capturing Health-Related and Care-Related Quality of Life

Leontine W. ten Hoopen, Pieter F. A. de Nijs, Jorieke Duvekot, Kirstin Greaves-Lord, Manon H. J. Hillegers, Werner B. F. Brouwer, Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen

16-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Predictors of Expressive Language Change for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Receiving AAC-Infused Comprehensive Intervention

Veronica Rose, Jessica Paynter, Giacomo Vivanti, Deb Keen, David Trembath

16-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Increasing Response Diversity to Intraverbals in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Gabrielle T. Lee, Xiaoyi Hu, Yanhong Liu, Chouyun Zou, Xia Cheng, Qi Zhao, Jingjing Huang

16-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Anxiety Disorders in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Population-Based Study

Victoria Nimmo-Smith, Hein Heuvelman, Christina Dalman, Michael Lundberg, Selma Idring, Peter Carpenter, Cecilia Magnusson, Dheeraj Rai

17-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

A Preliminary Study of Writing Skills in Adolescents with Autism Across Persuasive, Expository, and Narrative Genres

Johanna R. Price, Gary E. Martin, Kong Chen, Jennifer R. Jones

19-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 1/2020

Prevalence and Economic Burden of Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Korea Using National Health Insurance Data from 2008 to 2015

Minha Hong, Sang Min Lee, Saengryeol Park, Seok-Jun Yoon, Young-Eun Kim, In-Hwan Oh

30-09-2019 | Correction | Uitgave 1/2020

Correction to: Discriminative and Criterion Validity of the Autism Spectrum Identity Scale (ASIS)

T. A. M. McDonald

18-09-2019 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2020

Accelerating Motor Skill Acquisition for Bicycle Riding in Children with ASD: A Pilot Study

Zoë Hawks, John N. Constantino, Claire Weichselbaum, Natasha Marrus

30-09-2019 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2020

Peer Victimization and Communication Skills in Adolescents with Down Syndrome: Preliminary Findings

Jenna Reardanz, Frances A. Conners, Kristina L. McDonald, Nisha Singh

03-10-2019 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2020

Brief Report: Speech-in-Noise Recognition and the Relation to Vocal Pitch Perception in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typical Development

Stefanie Schelinski, Katharina von Kriegstein

17-10-2019 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2020

Adolescent-Specific Motivation Deficits in Autism Versus Typical Development

Dienke J. Bos, Benjamin M. Silver, Emily D. Barnes, Eliana L. Ajodan, Melanie R. Silverman, Elysha Clark-Whitney, Thaddeus Tarpey, Rebecca M. Jones

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