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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 7/2011

Uitgave 7/2011

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01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Abnormal Neural Sensitivity to Monetary Gains Versus Losses Among Adolescents at Risk for Depression

Dan Foti, Roman Kotov, Daniel N. Klein, Greg Hajcak

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

Dimensions and Latent Classes of Episodic Mania-Like Symptoms in Youth: An Empirical Enquiry

Argyris Stringaris, Daniel Stahl, Paramala Santosh, Robert Goodman

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Temperament, Family Environment and Anxiety in Preschool Children

Jennifer L. Hudson, Helen F. Dodd, Nataly Bovopoulos

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Prospective Relations Among Fearful Temperament, Protective Parenting, and Social Withdrawal: The Role of Maternal Accuracy in a Moderated Mediation Framework

Elizabeth J. Kiel, Kristin A. Buss

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011 Open Access

Modifying Threat-related Interpretive Bias in Adolescents

Elske Salemink, Reinout W. Wiers

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Hostile Intent Attributions and Relational Aggression: The Moderating Roles of Emotional Sensitivity, Gender, and Victimization

Lindsay C. Mathieson, Dianna Murray-Close, Nicki R. Crick, Kathleen E. Woods, Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, Tasha C. Geiger, Julie R. Morales

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Peer-Nominated Deviant Talk Within Residential Treatment: Individual and Group Influences on Treatment Response

Audrey L. Zakriski, Jack C. Wright, Stephanie L. Cardoos

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Attention Network Performance and Psychopathic Symptoms in Early Adolescence: An ERP Study

Kristina Hiatt Racer, Tara Torassa Gilbert, Phan Luu, Joshua Felver-Gant, Yalchin Abdullaev, Thomas J. Dishion

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Effects of a Parenting Intervention on Features of Psychopathy in Children

Renee McDonald, Mary Catherine Dodson, David Rosenfield, Ernest N. Jouriles

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Predictors of Parent-Reported Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children Aged 6–7 years: A National Longitudinal Study

Emma Sciberras, Obioha C. Ukoumunne, Daryl Efron

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Friendship as Protection from Peer Victimization for Girls with and without ADHD

Stephanie L. Cardoos, Stephen P. Hinshaw

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The Relation Between Maternal ADHD Symptoms & Improvement in Child Behavior Following Brief Behavioral Parent Training is Mediated by Change in Negative Parenting

Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Kelly A. O’Brien, Charlotte Johnston, Heather A. Jones, Tana L. Clarke, Veronica L. Raggi, Mary E. Rooney, Yamalis Diaz, Jessica Pian, Karen E. Seymour

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

The Moderating Role of Verbal Aggression on the Relationship Between Parental Feedback and Peer Status Among Children with ADHD

Allison Jack, Amori Yee Mikami, Casey D. Calhoun

01-10-2011 | Uitgave 7/2011

Severity of Children’s ADHD Symptoms and Parenting Stress: A Multiple Mediation Model of Self-Regulation

Paulo A. Graziano, Joseph P. McNamara, Gary R. Geffken, Adam Reid

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