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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 5/2015

Uitgave 5/2015

Special Section: Developmental Mechanisms of Internalizing Problems

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01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Introduction to the Special Section: Biopsychosocial Processes in the Etiology and Development of Internalizing Problems

Paul D. Hastings

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Multi-Level Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation Among at-Risk Adolescent Females: The Role of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Responses to Stress

Matteo Giletta, Casey D. Calhoun, Paul D. Hastings, Karen D. Rudolph, Matthew K. Nock, Mitchell J. Prinstein

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Self-Reported and Observed Punitive Parenting Prospectively Predicts Increased Error-Related Brain Activity in Six-Year-Old Children

Alexandria Meyer, Greg Hajcak Proudfit, Sara J. Bufferd, Autumn J. Kujawa, Rebecca S. Laptook, Dana C. Torpey, Daniel N. Klein

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Dispositional and Environmental Predictors of the Development of Internalizing Problems in Childhood: Testing a Multilevel Model

Paul D. Hastings, Jonathan Helm, Rosemary S. L. Mills, Lisa A. Serbin, Dale M. Stack, Alex E. Schwartzman

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Autonomic and Adrenocortical Interactions Predict Mental Health in Late Adolescence: The TRAILS Study

Esther Nederhof, Kristine Marceau, Elizabeth A. Shirtcliff, Paul D. Hastings, Albertine J. Oldehinkel

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Temperament and Parenting Styles in Early Childhood Differentially Influence Neural Response to Peer Evaluation in Adolescence

Amanda E. Guyer, Johanna M. Jarcho, Koraly Pérez-Edgar, Kathryn A. Degnan, Daniel S. Pine, Nathan A. Fox, Eric E. Nelson

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Multi-Level Models of Internalizing Disorders and Translational Developmental Science: Seeking Etiological Insights that can Inform Early Intervention Strategies

Nicholas B. Allen, Ronald E. Dahl

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Identifying Moderators of the Link Between Parent and Child Anxiety Sensitivity: The Roles of Gender, Positive Parenting, and Corporal Punishment

Rebecca A. Graham, Carl F. Weems

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Longitudinal Links Between Perfectionism and Depression in Children

Marielle Asseraf, Tracy Vaillancourt

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem Discrepancies, Victimization and the Development of Late Childhood Internalizing Problems

Franca H. Leeuwis, Hans M. Koot, Daan H. M. Creemers, Pol A. C. van Lier

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015 Open Access

Early Childhood Father Absence and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescent Girls from a UK Cohort: The Mediating Role of Early Menarche

Iryna Culpin, Jon Heron, Ricardo Araya, Carol Joinson

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015 Open Access

Paediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Depressive Symptoms: Clinical Correlates and CBT Treatment Outcomes

H. M. Brown, K. J. Lester, A. Jassi, I. Heyman, G. Krebs

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

A Longitudinal Multilevel Study of Individual Characteristics and Classroom Norms in Explaining Bullying Behaviors

Miranda Sentse, René Veenstra, Noona Kiuru, Christina Salmivalli

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Peer Preference and Friendship Quantity in Children with Externalizing Behavior: Distinct Influences on Bully Status and Victim Status

Mary Jia, Amori Yee Mikami

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Test of “Facilitation” vs. “Proximal Process” Moderator Models for the Effects of Multisystemic Therapy on Adolescents with Severe Conduct Problem

Bahr Weiss, Susan S. Han, Nam T. Tran, Robert Gallop, Victoria K. Ngo

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Common Versus Specific Correlates of Fifth-Grade Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms: Comparison of Three Racial/Ethnic Groups

Margit Wiesner, Marc N. Elliott, Katie A. McLaughlin, Stephen W. Banspach, Susan Tortolero, Mark A. Schuster

01-07-2015 | Uitgave 5/2015

Detained Male Adolescent Offender’s Emotional, Physical and Sexual Maltreatment Profiles and Their Associations to Psychiatric Disorders and Criminal Behaviors

Marcel Aebi, Susanne Linhart, Leonhard Thun-Hohenstein, Cornelia Bessler, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen, Belinda Plattner

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