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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 5/2003

Uitgave 5/2003

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01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Moderators of the Relation Between Popularity and Depressive Symptoms in Children: Processing Strength and Friendship Value

Joan M. Martin, David A. Cole, Amalie Clausen, Jessica Logan, Heather L. Wilson Strosher

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Mothers' Overreactive Discipline and Their Encoding and Appraisals of Toddler Behavior

Michael F. Lorber, Susan G. O'Leary, Kimberly T. Kendziora

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

The Infant–Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (ITSEA): Factor Structure, Reliability, and Validity

Alice S. Carter, Margaret J. Briggs-Gowan, Stephanie M. Jones, Todd D. Little

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Parceling Component Effects of a Multifaceted Prevention Program for Disruptive Elementary School Children

Gerald J. August, Elizabeth A. Egan, George M. Realmuto, Joel M. Hektner

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Convergent and Discriminant Validity of Trait and Source Effects in ADHD-Inattention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Measures Across a 3-Month Interval

G. Leonard Burns, James A. Walsh, Rapson Gomez

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Relations Between Continuous Performance Test Performance Measures and ADHD Behaviors

Jeffery N. Epstein, Alaatin Erkanli, C. Keith Conners, John Klaric, Jane E. Costello, Adrian Angold

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003

Continuous Performance Test Performance in a Normative Epidemiological Sample

C. Keith Conners, Jeffery N. Epstein, Adrian Angold, John Klaric

01-10-2003 | Uitgave 5/2003


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