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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4/2019

Uitgave 4/2019

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18-10-2018 | Correction | Uitgave 4/2019

Correction to: Behavioral Couples Treatment for Substance Use Disorder: Secondary Effects on the Reduction of Youth Internalizing Symptoms

Michelle L. Kelley, Adrian J. Bravo, Abby L. Braitman

26-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Age-Adapted Stress Task in Preschoolers Does not Lead to Uniform Stress Responses

Kerstin Stülb, Nadine Messerli-Bürgy, Tanja H. Kakebeeke, Amar Arhab, Annina E. Zysset, Claudia S. Leeger-Aschmann, Einat A. Schmutz, Andrea H. Meyer, David Garcia-Burgos, Ulrike Ehlert, Susi Kriemler, Oskar G. Jenni, Jardena J. Puder, Simone Munsch

15-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Response Inhibition, Response Execution, and Emotion Regulation among Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Rachel B. Tenenbaum, Erica D. Musser, Stephanie Morris, Anthony R. Ward, Joseph S. Raiker, Erika K. Coles, William E. Pelham Jr

29-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Sensitivity to Peer Feedback in Young Adolescents with Symptoms of ADHD: Examination of Neurophysiological and Self-Report Measures

Dara E. Babinski, Autumn Kujawa, Ellen M. Kessel, Kodi B. Arfer, Daniel N. Klein

29-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

The Role of Emotion Understanding in the Development of Aggression and Callous-Unemotional Features across Early Childhood

David A. Schuberth, Yao Zheng, Dave S. Pasalich, Robert J. McMahon, Dimitra Kamboukos, Spring Dawson-McClure, Laurie Miller Brotman

13-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System Functioning and Experiences of Peer Exclusion: Links to Internalizing Problems in Early Adolescence

Marta Benito-Gomez, Anne C. Fletcher, Cheryl Buehler

15-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Maternal Trauma Exposure and Childhood Anxiety Outcomes: Examining Psychosocial Mechanisms of Risk

Brittany A. Robinson, Cassandra L. Hendrix, H. Sloan Krakovsky, Alicia K. Smith, Patricia A. Brennan

15-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Extinction Learning as a Potential Mechanism Linking High Vagal Tone with Lower PTSD Symptoms among Abused Youth

Jessica L. Jenness, Adam Bryant Miller, Maya L. Rosen, Katie A. McLaughlin

31-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Psychiatric Comorbidity among Adolescent Earthquake Survivors: a Longitudinal Cohort Study

Fulei Geng, Ya Zhou, Yingxin Liang, Xin Zheng, Yuanyuan Li, Xiaoyan Chen, Fang Fan

28-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

A Longitudinal Examination of the Relationship between Trauma-Related Cognitive Factors and Internalising and Externalising Psychopathology in Physically Injured Children

Rachel M. Hiller, Cathy Creswell, Richard Meiser-Stedman, Sarah Lobo, Felicity Cowdrey, Mark D. Lyttle, Anke Ehlers, Sarah L. Halligan

14-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Integrating the Hopelessness Model and the Response Style Theory in an Adolescent Sample

Patrick Pössel, Caroline M. Pittard

28-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

A Preliminary Examination of the Association between Adolescent Gender Nonconformity and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

Leigh A. Spivey, Mitchell J. Prinstein

11-09-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Adolescent Emotion Network Dynamics in Daily Life and Implications for Depression

D. M. Lydon-Staley, M. Xia, H. W. Mak, G. M. Fosco

21-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

A Phenotype of Childhood Autism Is Associated with Preexisting Maternal Anxiety and Depression

Lisa D. Wiggins, Eric Rubenstein, Julie Daniels, Carolyn DiGuiseppi, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Laura A. Schieve, Lin H. Tian, Katherine Sabourin, Eric Moody, Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Nuri Reyes, Susan E. Levy

02-08-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

The Importance of Adolescent Self-Report in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Integration of Questionnaire and Autonomic Measures

Jessica M. Keith, Jeremy P. Jamieson, Loisa Bennetto

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