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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4/2001

Uitgave 4/2001

Inhoudsopgave ( 8 Artikelen )

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Academic Achievement of Low Birthweight Children at Age 11: The Role of Cognitive Abilities at School Entry

N. Breslau, E. O. Johnson, V. C. Lucia

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Low Self-Esteem and Hopelessness in Childhood and Suicidal Ideation in Early Adulthood

Rob McGee, Sheila Williams, Shyamala Nada-Raja

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Reactive and Proactive Aggression: Predictions to Physical Violence in Different Contexts and Moderating Effects of Parental Monitoring and Caregiving Behavior

Mara Brendgen, Frank Vitaro, Richard E. Tremblay, Francine Lavoie

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Childhood and Adolescent Onset Conduct Disorder: A Test of the Developmental Taxonomy

Kristen M. McCabe, Richard Hough, Patricia A. Wood, May Yeh

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Dynamic Analyses of Mother–Child Interactions in Functional and Dysfunctional Dyads: A Synergetic Approach

Jean E. Dumas, Philippe Lemay, Jean-Pierre Dauwalder

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

The Structure of Negative Emotions in Adolescents

Peter Muris, Henk Schmidt, Harald Merckelbach, Erik Schouten

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis on the DSM-IV ADHD and ODD Symptoms: What is the Best Model for the Organization of These Symptoms?

G. Leonard Burns, Brian Boe, James A. Walsh, Rita Sommers-Flanagan, Lisa A. Teegarden

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Effects of Methylphenidate on Kinematic Aspects of Handwriting in Hyperactive Boys

Oliver Tucha, Klaus W. Lange

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