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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2017
Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 3/2017

Special Section: Parental ADHD: Relations to Parenting, Child Behavior, and Treatment Outcomes


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Parental ADHD: Relations to Parenting, Child Behavior, and Treatment Outcomes
Charlotte Johnston, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano


The Contribution of Maternal ADHD Symptomatology, Maternal DAT1, and Home Atmosphere to Child ADHD Symptomatology at 7 Years of Age
Judith G. Auerbach, Yael Zilberman-Hayun, Naama Atzaba-Poria, Andrea Berger


DRD4 Variants Moderate the Impact of Parental Characteristics on Child Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Exploratory Evidence from a Multiplex Family Design
Molly A. Nikolas, Allison M. Momany


Mediators and Moderators of the Relation between Parental ADHD Symptomatology and the Early Development of Child ADHD and ODD Symptoms
Rosanna P. Breaux, Hallie R. Brown, Elizabeth A. Harvey


Externalizing Outcomes of Youth with and without ADHD: Time-Varying Prediction by Parental ADHD and Mediated Effects
Elizabeth Moroney, Irene Tung, Whitney A. Brammer, Tara S. Peris, Steve S. Lee


ADHD and Depression Symptoms in Parent Couples Predict Response to Child ADHD and ODD Behavior
Brian T. Wymbs, Anne E. Dawson, Theresa E. Egan, Gina M. Sacchetti, Sean T. Tams, Frances A. Wymbs


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Mothers and Fathers: Family Level Interactions in Relation to Parenting
David Williamson, Charlotte Johnston, Amira Noyes, Kurtis Stewart, Margaret D. Weiss


Parent ADHD and Evidence-Based Treatment for Their Children: Review and Directions for Future Research
Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Christine H. Wang, Kelsey E. Woods, Jennifer Strickland, Mark A. Stein


Parents’ and Children’s ADHD in a Family System
Kirby Deater-Deckard


Two-Year Findings from a National Effectiveness Trial: Effectiveness of Behavioral and Non-Behavioral Parenting Programs
Jens Högström, Viveca Olofsson, Metin Özdemir, Pia Enebrink, Håkan Stattin


The Role of Family Income Dynamics in Predicting Trajectories of Internalizing and Externalizing Problems
Portia Miller, Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal


Maternal Depression and Youth Internalizing and Externalizing Symptomatology: Severity and Chronicity of Past Maternal Depression and Current Maternal Depressive Symptoms
Erin E. O’Connor, David A. Langer, Martha C. Tompson

Open Access 02-07-2016

Parental Meta-Emotion Philosophy and Emotion Coaching in Families of Children and Adolescents with an Anxiety Disorder
Katherine E. Hurrell, Frances L. Houwing, Jennifer L. Hudson


The Moderating Role of Anxiety in the Associations of Callous-Unemotional Traits with Self-Report and Laboratory Measures of Affective and Cognitive Empathy
Rachel E. Kahn, Paul J. Frick, Farrah N. Golmaryami, Monica A. Marsee


Interactions between Callous Unemotional Behaviors and Executive Function in Early Childhood Predict later Aggression and Lower Peer-liking in Late-childhood
Rebecca Waller, Luke W. Hyde, Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers, Sheryl L. Olson


Comparing the CASI-4R and the PGBI-10 M for Differentiating Bipolar Spectrum Disorders from Other Outpatient Diagnoses in Youth
Mian-Li Ong, Eric A. Youngstrom, Jesselyn Jia-Xin Chua, Tate F. Halverson, Sarah M. Horwitz, Amy Storfer-Isser, Thomas W. Frazier, Mary A. Fristad, L. Eugene Arnold, Mary L. Phillips, Boris Birmaher, Robert A. Kowatch, Robert L. Findling, the LAMS Group


Exploration of the Factor Structure of ADHD in Adolescence through Self, Parent, and Teacher Reports of Symptomatology
J. Quyen V. A. Nichols, Erin K. Shoulberg, Annie A. Garner, Betsy Hoza, Keith B. Burt, Dianna Murray-Close, L. Eugene Arnold