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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2011

Uitgave 3/2011

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01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011 Open Access

Deviant Peer Affiliation and Antisocial Behavior: Interaction with Monoamine Oxidase A (MAOA) Genotype

Steve S. Lee

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011 Open Access

Risky Decision Making in Substance Dependent Adolescents with a Disruptive Behavior Disorder

Dennis J. L. G. Schutter, Irene van Bokhoven, Louk J. M. J. Vanderschuren, John E. Lochman, Walter Matthys

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Adolescent Family Adversity and Mental Health Problems: The Role of Adaptive Self-regulation Capacities. The TRAILS Study

Martin Paul Bakker, Johan Ormel, Frank C. Verhulst, Albertine J. Oldehinkel

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Developmental Risk and Young Children’s Regulatory Strategies: Predicting Behavior Problems at Age Five

Emily D. Gerstein, Anita Pedersen y Arbona, Keith A. Crnic, Ehri Ryu, Bruce L. Baker, Jan Blacher

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011 Open Access

Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Child Social Preference During the Early School Years: Mediation by Maternal Warmth and Child Emotion Regulation

Chi-Ming Kam, Mark T. Greenberg, Karen L. Bierman, John D. Coie, Kenneth A. Dodge, Michael E. Foster, John E. Lochman, Robert J. McMahon, Ellen E. Pinderhughes, Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Mothers and Children as Informants of Bullying Victimization: Results from an Epidemiological Cohort of Children

Sania Shakoor, Sara R. Jaffee, Penelope Andreou, Lucy Bowes, Antony P. Ambler, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt, Louise Arseneault

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Emotional Dysregulation and Interpersonal Difficulties as Risk Factors for Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Adolescent Girls

Molly Adrian, Janice Zeman, Cynthia Erdley, Ludmila Lisa, Leslie Sim

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Parental Marital Discord and Treatment Response in Depressed Adolescents

Meredith M. Amaya, Mark A. Reinecke, Susan G. Silva, John S. March

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011 Open Access

The Interaction Between Pubertal Timing and Peer Popularity for Boys and Girls: An Integration of Biological and Interpersonal Perspectives on Adolescent Depression

Hanneke A. Teunissen, Caroline B. Adelman, Mitchell J. Prinstein, Renske Spijkerman, Evelien A. P. Poelen, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Ron H. J. Scholte

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Parental Negative Control Moderates the Shyness–Emotion Regulation Pathway to School-Age Internalizing Symptoms

Xin Feng, Daniel S. Shaw, Kristin L. Moilanen

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

The Role of Maternal and Child ADHD Symptoms in Shaping Interpersonal Relationships

Marissa Swaim Griggs, Amori Yee Mikami

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

The Academic Experience of Male High School Students with ADHD

Kristine M. Kent, William E. Pelham Jr., Brooke S. G. Molina, Margaret H. Sibley, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Jihnhee Yu, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Aparajita Biswas, Dara E. Babinski, Kathryn M. Karch

01-04-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Expression of Anger in Depressed Adolescents: The Role of the Family Environment

Jennifer Jackson, Peter Kuppens, Lisa B. Sheeber, Nicholas B. Allen

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