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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 3/2006

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Linking Substance Use and Problem Behavior Across Three Generations

Jennifer A. Bailey, Karl G. Hill, Sabrina Oesterle, J. David Hawkins

Original Article

Neighborhood Disadvantage, Parent–Child Conflict, Neighborhood Peer Relationships, and Early Antisocial Behavior Problem Trajectories

Erin M. Ingoldsby, Daniel S. Shaw, Emily Winslow, Michael Schonberg, Miles Gilliom, Michael M. Criss

Relations of Parenting and Negative Life Events to Cognitive Diatheses for Depression in Children

Alanna E. Bruce, David A. Cole, Danielle H. Dallaire, Farrah M. Jacquez, Ashley Q. Pineda, Beth LaGrange

Bias and Accuracy of Children's Perceptions of Peer Acceptance: Prospective Associations with Depressive Symptoms

Janet A. Kistner, Corinne F. David-Ferdon, Karla K. Repper, Thomas E. Joiner Jr.

A Population-Based Twin Study of Parentally Reported Tactile and Auditory Defensiveness in Young Children

H. H. Goldsmith, C. A. Van Hulle, C. L. Arneson, J. E. Schreiber, M. A. Gernsbacher

The Development of Aggression in 18 to 48 Month Old Children of Alcoholic Parents

Ellen P. Edwards, Rina D. Eiden, Craig Colder, Kenneth E. Leonard

Predictors of Attributional Style Change in Children

Brandon E. Gibb, Lauren B. Alloy, Patricia D. Walshaw, Jonathan S. Comer, Gail H. C. Shen, Annette G. Villari

Gender Role Orientation and Anxiety Symptoms Among African American Adolescents

Anuradha G. Palapattu, Julie Newman Kingery, Golda S. Ginsburg