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Cognitive Therapy and Research 6/2016
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 6/2016


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16-07-2016 | Original Article

Interactions Between Reappraisal and Emotional Nonacceptance in Psychopathology: Examining Disability and Depression Symptoms in Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Andre J. Plate, Amelia Aldao, Jean M. Quintero, Douglas S. Mennin

20-06-2016 | Original Article

Emotion Regulation in Women with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): Explicit and Implicit Assessments
Lisa Eggert, Michael Witthöft, Wolfgang Hiller, Maria Kleinstäuber

Open Access 08-06-2016 | Original Article

Practicing Emotionally Biased Retrieval Affects Mood and Establishes Biased Recall a Week Later
Janna N. Vrijsen, Paula T. Hertel, Eni S. Becker

14-05-2016 | Original Article

Effects of Childhood Abuse on Overgeneral Autobiographical Memory in Current Major Depressive Disorder
James W. Griffith, Stephan Claes, Titia Hompes, Elske Vrieze, Stefanie Vermote, Elise Debeer, Bert Lenaert, Filip Raes, Dirk Hermans

03-06-2016 | Original Article

An Examination of the Specific Associations Between Facets of Difficulties in Emotion Regulation and Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Clusters
Nicole A. Short, Aaron M. Norr, Brittany M. Mathes, Mary E. Oglesby, Norman B. Schmidt

08-06-2016 | Brief Report

A Pilot Open Trial of Cognitive Bias Modification for Panic Disorder
Courtney Beard, Cara Fuchs, Anu Asnaani, Molly Schulson, Casey A. Schofield, Elise M. Clerkin, Risa B. Weisberg

25-06-2016 | Original Article

Cognitive Bias Modification to Enhance Resilience to a Panic Challenge
Jessica R. Beadel, Andrew Mathews, Bethany A. Teachman

09-06-2016 | Original Article

Anxiety Sensitivity and Alcohol Use Among Acute-Care Psychiatric Inpatients: The Mediating Role of Emotion Regulation Difficulties
Daniel J. Paulus, Anka A. Vujanovic, Margaret C. Wardle

15-06-2016 | Original Article

Impaired De Novo Fear Conditioning in Opiate-Dependent Outpatients
Shawnee L. Basden, Scott P. Orr, Michael W. Otto

08-07-2016 | Original Article

Assessing Disruptions in Meaning: Development of the Global Meaning Violation Scale
Crystal L. Park, Kristen E. Riley, Login S. George, Ian A. Gutierrez, Amy E. Hale, Dalnim Cho, Tosca D. Braun

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