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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 6/2015

Uitgave 6/2015

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27-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Relation Between Attributional Style and Subsequent Depressive Symptoms: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies

Chiungjung Huang

04-07-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Explanatory Flexibility and Explanatory Style in Treatment-Seeking Patients with Axis I Psychopathology

Ryan J. Lackner, Michael T. Moore, Julia R. Minerovic, David M. Fresco

07-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Dwell or Decenter? Rumination and Decentering Predict Working Memory Updating After Interpersonal Criticism

Roselinde H. Kaiser, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna, Christina A. Metcalf, Sona Dimidjian

28-07-2015 | Brief Report | Uitgave 6/2015

Combining tDCS and Working Memory Training to Down Regulate State Rumination: A Single-Session Double Blind Sham-Controlled Trial

Laura M. S. De Putter, Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt, Chris Baeken, Rudi De Raedt, Ernst H. W. Koster

30-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Autobiographical Memory Perspectives in Task and Suicide Attempt Recall: A Study of Young Adults With and Without Symptoms of Suicidality

Carol Chu, Jennifer M. Buchman-Schmitt, Thomas E. Joiner

02-08-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Perfectionism as a Predictor of Suicidal Risk in Turkish College Students: Does Loneliness Contribute to Further Risk?

Mine Muyan, Edward C. Chang

19-07-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Attention Control and Attention to Emotional Stimuli in Anxious Children Before and After Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Marie Louise Reinholdt-Dunne, Karin Mogg, Signe A. Vangkilde, Brendan P. Bradley, Barbara Hoff Esbjørn

02-08-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

True and False Memories in Social Anxiety Disorder: Effects of Speech Anticipation and Social Content

Meghan W. Cody, Shari A. Steinman, Bethany A. Teachman

04-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Visual Attention to Threat-Related Faces and Delusion-Proneness: An Eye Tracking Study Using Dynamic Stimuli

Tobias E. Hillmann, Jürgen Kempkensteffen, Tania M. Lincoln

19-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Tracing “Fearbola”: Psychological Predictors of Anxious Responding to the Threat of Ebola

Shannon M. Blakey, Lillian Reuman, Ryan J. Jacoby, Jonathan S. Abramowitz

02-07-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Measuring Beliefs About Distraction: Might the Function of Distraction Matter More than Distraction Itself?

Jessica M. Senn, Adam S. Radomsky

05-06-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

Cognitive Arousal, Unhelpful Beliefs and Maladaptive Sleep Behaviors as Mediators in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Rikard Sunnhed, Markus Jansson-Fröjmark

29-07-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

The Relationship Between Memory and Interpretation Biases, Difficulties with Emotion Regulation, and Disordered Eating in Young Women

Jane L. Cooper, Tracey D. Wade

25-07-2015 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2015

The Socratic Method in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Narrative Review

Gavin I. Clark, Sarah J. Egan

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