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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2019

Uitgave 4/2019

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31-01-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

#Sad: Twitter Content Predicts Changes in Cognitive Vulnerability and Depressive Symptoms

Maria P. Sasso, Annaleis K. Giovanetti, Anastasia L. Schied, Hugh H. Burke, Gerald J. Haeffel

13-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Effects of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on a Behavioural Measure of Rumination in Patients with Chronic, Treatment-Resistant Depression

Mira B. Cladder-Micus, Eni S. Becker, Jan Spijker, Anne E. M. Speckens, Janna N. Vrijsen

12-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Feasibility and Impact of a Guided Symptom Exposure Augmented Cognitive Behavior Therapy Protocol to Prevent Symptoms of Pharmacologically Induced Depression: A Pilot Study

Lata K. McGinn, Anna Van Meter, Ian Kronish, Jessica Gashin, Karen Burns, Natalie Kil, Thomas G. McGinn

02-01-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Does Modification of Implicit Associations Regarding Contamination Affect Approach Behavior and Attentional Bias?

Christina Dusend, Laura M. S. De Putter, Ernst H. W. Koster, Fanny A. Dietel, Ulrike Buhlmann

08-02-2019 | Brief Report | Uitgave 4/2019

Symptom-Specific Threat Perception Mediates the Relationship Between Obsessive Beliefs and OCD Symptoms

Noah Chase Berman, Hilary Weingarden, Sabine Wilhelm

17-01-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Different Patterns of Attention Bias in Worry and Rumination

Juyoen Hur, Kelly Gaul, Howard Berenbaum

14-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Imagining as an Observer: Manipulating Visual Perspective in Obsessional Imagery

Jessica R. Grisham, Savannah Minihan, Caleb J. Winch

02-01-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Intergenerational Transfer of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Mother–Daughter Dyads, and the Role of Parenting

Madeline Gibson, Andrew J. P. Francis

12-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

How Do I Say This? An Experimental Comparison of the Effects of Partner Feedback Styles on Reassurance Seeking Behaviour

Rachael L. Neal, Adam S. Radomsky

13-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Early Versus Later Improvements in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Use and Treatment Outcome in Eating Disorders

Tiffany A. Brown, Anne Cusack, Leslie Anderson, Erin E. Reilly, Laura A. Berner, Christina E. Wierenga, Jason M. Lavender, Walter H. Kaye

06-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Profiles of Emotion Regulation in Young People Accessing Youth Mental Health and Drug Treatment

Elise Sloan, Kate Hall, George J. Youssef, Richard Moulding, Helen Mildred, Petra K. Staiger

18-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Cognitive Bias Modification for Social Anxiety: The Differential Impact of Modifying Attentional and/or Interpretation Bias

Eric S. Yeung, Louise Sharpe

07-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2019

Developing a Brief Version of the Social Thoughts and Beliefs Scale (STABS) Using Item Response Theory

Itamar Stein, Maya Asher, Shahaf Erez, Tomer Shechner, Sofi Marom, Haggai Hermesh, Idan M. Aderka

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