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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2003

Uitgave 4/2003

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01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

The Driver's Angry Thoughts Questionnaire: A Measure of Angry Cognitions When Driving

Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Randal T. Petrilli, Rebekah S. Lynch, Eugene R. Oetting, Randall C. Swaim

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Beliefs About the Utility of Presleep Worry: An Investigation of Individuals with Insomnia and Good Sleepers

Allison G. Harvey

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Negative Cognitive Biases Predict Subsequent Depression

Stephanie S. Rude, Carmen R. Valdez, Susan Odom, Arshia Ebrahimi

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Do Patients with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder Have Deficits in Decision-Making?

Edna B. Foa, Andrew Mathews, Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Nader Amir, Amy Przeworski, David S. Riggs, Jennifer C. Filip, Amie Alley

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Interoceptive Accuracy in Nonclinical Panic

Jeffrey C. Richards, Andrew J. Cooper, John H. Winkelman

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Cognitive Aspects of Compulsive Hoarding

Gail Steketee, Randy O. Frost, Michael Kyrios

01-08-2003 | Note | Uitgave 4/2003

Selective Memory for Alcohol Cues in Alcoholics and Its Relation to Craving

Ingmar H. A. Franken, Monica Rosso, Jack van Honk

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