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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 3/2018

Uitgave 3/2018

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09-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Unwanted Events and Side Effects in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Marie-Luise Schermuly-Haupt, Michael Linden, A. John Rush

05-12-2017 | Brief Report | Uitgave 3/2018

Remoteness and Valence of Autobiographical Memory in Depression

Dahyeon Kim, K. Lira Yoon, Jutta Joormann

11-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Examining the Role of Repetitive Negative Thinking in Relations Between Positive and Negative Aspects of Self-compassion and Symptom Improvement During Intensive Treatment

Lauren P. Wadsworth, Marie Forgeard, Kean J. Hsu, Sarah Kertz, Michael Treadway, Thröstur Björgvinsson

08-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Modelling the Relationship Between Changes in Social Anxiety and Rumination Before and After Treatment

Matthew Modini, Ronald M. Rapee, Daniel S. J. Costa, Maree J. Abbott

11-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Maladaptive Self-Beliefs During Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Test of Temporal Precedence

Bree Gregory, Quincy J. J. Wong, Craig D. Marker, Lorna Peters

27-11-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Attentional Bias in Children with Social Anxiety Disorder

Steffen Schmidtendorf, Susanne Wiedau, Julia Asbrand, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Nina Heinrichs

17-11-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Alcohol Outcome Expectancies Mediate the Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Alcohol Drinking in University Students: The Role of Gender

Harilaos Papachristou, Evi Aresti, Marios Theodorou, Georgia Panayiotou

29-12-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Understanding Drinking Game Behaviors: A Consideration of Alcohol Expectancies and Motives to Play and Drink

Byron L. Zamboanga, Minyu Zhang, Janine V. Olthuis, Su Yeong Kim

11-11-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Group Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure/Sorting Therapy: A Pilot Program

Catherine R. Ayers, Mary E. Dozier, Charles T. Taylor, Tina L. Mayes, James O. E. Pittman, Elizabeth W. Twamley

10-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Implicit Identification with Illness in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Julia F. Henrich, Bergljot Gjelsvik, Maryanne Martin

06-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Homework Completion via Telephone and In-Person Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Among Latinos

Adrian Aguilera, Zorangeli Ramos, Diana Sistiva, Ye Wang, Margarita Alegria

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