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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 3/2006

Uitgave 3/2006

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01-06-2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Uitgave 3/2006

Multiple Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Young Schema-Questionnaire in a Dutch Clinical versus Non-clinical Population

Marleen M. Rijkeboer, Huub van den Bergh

01-06-2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Uitgave 3/2006

Social Anxiety and the Fear of Causing Discomfort to Others

Neil A. Rector, Nancy L. Kocovski, Andrew G. Ryder

01-06-2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Uitgave 3/2006

A Self-Focused Attention Scale: Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties

Litza A. Kiropoulos, Steven Klimidis

01-06-2006 | Uitgave 3/2006

Expanded Hopelessness Theory of Depression: On the Mechanisms by which Social Support Protects Against Depression

Catherine Panzarella, Lauren B. Alloy, Wayne G. Whitehouse

01-06-2006 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2006

Development and Validation of the Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale for Children: Tests of Beck’s Cognitive Diathesis-stress Theory of Depression, of Its Causal Mediation Component, and of Developmental Effects

David U. D’Alessandro, Kimberly D. Burton

01-06-2006 | Uitgave 3/2006

Effects of Approach and Avoid Mindsets on Performance, Self-regulatory Cognition, and Affect in a Multi-task Environment

Paul Karoly, Craig Newton

01-06-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2006

Extreme Goal Setting and Vulnerability to Mania Among Undiagnosed Young Adults

Sheri L. Johnson, Charles S. Carver

01-06-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2006

Cognitive-Behavioral Models of Emotional Writing: A Validation Study

Adam J. Guastella, Mark R. Dadds

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