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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 3/2021
Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Uitgave 3/2021


Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)


A 25-Year Review of Nighttime Fears in Children: Past, Present, and Future
Krystal M. Lewis, Renatha El Rafihi-Ferreira, Gabrielle F. Freitag, Mary Coffman, Thomas H. Ollendick


The Premise and Promise of Activation Parenting for Fathers: A Review and Integration of Extant Literature
Julia S. Feldman, Daniel S. Shaw


Exploring Perinatal Indicators of Infant Social-Emotional Development: A Review of the Replicated Evidence
Jennifer E. McIntosh, Craig A. Olsson, Melanie Schuijers, Evelyn S. Tan, Felicity Painter, Alexandra Schnabel, Genevieve LeBas, Shelby Higgs-Howarth, Michelle Benstead, Anna T. Booth, Delyse Hutchinson

Open Access 08-03-2021

Increasing Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Conduct Problems in Children and Adolescents: What Can We Learn from Neuroimaging Studies?
Walter Matthys, Dennis J. L. G. Schutter


Psychosocial Adjustment Across Aggressor/Victim Subgroups: A Systematic Review and Critical Evaluation of Theory
Kelly E. O’Connor


Fathers’ Experience of Perinatal Obsessive–Compulsive Symptoms: A Systematic Literature Review
Raina Walker, Meg Blackie, Maja Nedeljkovic

Open Access 15-05-2021

The Efficacy of Parent Training Interventions for Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Treating Untargeted Comorbid Internalizing Symptoms in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review
Eleni Zarakoviti, Roz Shafran, Danai Papadimitriou, Sophie D. Bennett

Open Access 04-06-2021

Effective Components of School-Based Prevention Programs for Child Abuse: A Meta-Analytic Review
Jeanne Gubbels, Claudia E. van der Put, Geert-Jan J. M. Stams, Mark Assink


A Systematic Review Focusing on Psychotherapeutic Interventions that Impact Parental Psychopathology, Child Psychopathology and Parenting Behavior
Yoel Everett, Christina Gamache Martin, Maureen Zalewski


Telehealth and Autism Prior to and in the Age of COVID-19: A Systematic and Critical Review of the Last Decade
Kimberly S. Ellison, Jerrica Guidry, Paige Picou, Paige Adenuga, Thompson E. Davis III


Social Media and Psychological Well-Being Among Youth: The Multidimensional Model of Social Media Use
Chia-chen Yang, Sean M. Holden, Jati Ariati


A Systematic Review of Parenting Interventions to Support Siblings of Children with a Chronic Health Condition
Amy E. Mitchell, Alina Morawska, Raine Vickers-Jones, Kathryn Bruce