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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 2/2017

Uitgave 2/2017

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25-05-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Nurturing Environments for Boys and Men of Color with Trauma Exposure

Phillip W. Graham, Anna Yaros, Ashley Lowe, Mark S. McDaniel

29-05-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Promoting Nurturing Environments in Afterschool Settings

Emilie Phillips Smith, Catherine P. Bradshaw

27-12-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Potential Mediators in Parenting and Family Intervention: Quality of Mediation Analyses

Chandni C. Patel, Amanda J. Fairchild, Ronald J. Prinz

02-12-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017 Open Access

Mothers, Fathers, and Parental Systems: A Conceptual Model of Parental Engagement in Programmes for Child Mental Health—Connect, Attend, Participate, Enact (CAPE)

Patrycja J. Piotrowska, L. A. Tully, R. Lenroot, E. Kimonis, D. Hawes, C. Moul, P. J. Frick, V. Anderson, M. R. Dadds

19-12-2016 | Review | Uitgave 2/2017

The Behavioral Avoidance Task with Anxious Youth: A Review of Procedures, Properties, and Criticisms

Peter J. Castagna, Thompson E. Davis III, Megan E. Lilly

27-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

A Review of Technology-Based Youth and Family-Focused Interventions

Kathleen Watson MacDonell, Ronald J. Prinz

08-02-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Long-Term Outcomes of Youth Treated for an Anxiety Disorder: A Critical Review

Brittany A. Gibby, Elizabeth P. Casline, Golda S. Ginsburg

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