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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 2/2009

Uitgave 2/2009

Children Exposed to Violence - Part 2

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01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Understanding the Nature and Consequences of Children’s Exposure to Violence: Research Perspectives

LeShawndra N. Price, Valerie Maholmes

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Toward a Stress Process Model of Children’s Exposure to Physical Family and Community Violence

Holly Foster, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Parental Exposure to Mass Violence and Child Mental Health: The First Responder and WTC Evacuee Study

Christina W. Hoven, Cristiane S. Duarte, Ping Wu, Thao Doan, Navya Singh, Donald J. Mandell, Fan Bin, Yona Teichman, Meir Teichman, Judith Wicks, George Musa, Patricia Cohen

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

A Social-Cognitive-Ecological Framework for Understanding the Impact of Exposure to Persistent Ethnic–Political Violence on Children’s Psychosocial Adjustment

Eric F. Dubow, L. Rowell Huesmann, Paul Boxer

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009 Open Access

Community Violence and Youth: Affect, Behavior, Substance Use, and Academics

Michele Cooley-Strickland, Tanya J. Quille, Robert S. Griffin, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Catherine P. Bradshaw, Debra Furr-Holden

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Assessing Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence

John F. Knutson, Erika Lawrence, Sarah M. Taber, Lew Bank, David S. DeGarmo

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Racial Discrimination: A Continuum of Violence Exposure for Children of Color

Kathy Sanders-Phillips

01-06-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Violence Exposure Among Children with Disabilities

Patricia M. Sullivan

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