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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 1/2019

Uitgave 1/2019

Special Issue on Self-Regulation

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19-02-2019 | Editorial | Uitgave 1/2019

Self-Regulation: A Critical Construct in Research and Application with Children and Families

Ronald J. Prinz

19-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

An Integrated Model of Regulation for Applied Settings

Rebecca Bailey, Stephanie M. Jones

20-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Applying Self-Regulation Principles in the Delivery of Parenting Interventions

Matthew R. Sanders, Karen M. T. Turner, Carol W. Metzler

04-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Promoting Self-Regulation in Young Children: The Role of Parenting Interventions

Alina Morawska, Cassandra K. Dittman, Julie C. Rusby

06-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Promoting Children’s Healthy Habits Through Self-Regulation Via Parenting

Sabine Baker, Alina Morawska, Amy Mitchell

18-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Measuring Young Children’s Executive Function and Self-Regulation in Classrooms and Other Real-World Settings

Dana Charles McCoy

04-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

The Direct and Indirect Relations Between Self-Regulation and Language Development Among Monolinguals and Dual Language Learners

Emily Hanno, Sarah Surrain

08-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Towards Scalable, Integrative Assessment of Children’s Self-Regulatory Capabilities: New Applications of Digital Technology

Jamin Day, Kate Freiberg, Alan Hayes, Ross Homel

06-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Self-Regulation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Challenges and Future Directions

Divna Haslam, Anilena Mejia, Dana Thomson, Theresa Betancourt

14-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Is the Concept of Self-Regulation Useful for Supporting Effective Implementation in Community Settings?

Rebecca H. Roppolo, Jenna McWilliam, William A. Aldridge II, Robin H. Jenkins, Renee I. Boothroyd, LaTanya R. Moore

08-02-2019 | Uitgave 1/2019

Self-Regulation Approach to Training Child and Family Practitioners

Trevor G. Mazzucchelli, Alan Ralph

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