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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 6/2018

Uitgave 6/2018

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26-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Parental and Child Psychopathology: Moderated Mediation by Gender and Parent–Child Relationship Quality

Annabel O. Franz, Cliff McKinney

29-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Effect of Comorbid Psychopathology and Conduct Problem Severity on Response to a Multi-component Intervention for Childhood Disruptive Behavior

Madison Aitken, Jordana A. Waxman, Katie MacDonald, Brendan F. Andrade

10-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Quality and Correlates of Peer Relationships in Youths with Chronic Pain

Valérie La Buissonnière-Ariza, Dennis Hart, Sophie C. Schneider, Nicole M. McBride, Sandra L. Cepeda, Brandon Haney, Sara Tauriello, Shannon Glenn, Danielle Ung, Peter Huszar, Lisa Tetreault, Erin Petti, S. Parrish Winesett, Eric A. Storch

09-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Altered Working Memory Processing of Emotion in Adolescents with Dysphoric Symptomatology: An Eye Tracking Study

Laura Wante, Caroline Braet, Sven C. Mueller

17-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Do Youth with Separation Anxiety Disorder Differ in Anxiety Sensitivity From Youth with Other Anxiety Disorders?

Dagmar Kr. Hannesdottir, Sandra Bjorg Sigurjonsdottir, Urdur Njardvik, Thomas H. Ollendick

21-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

The Role of Self-reports and Behavioral Measures of Interpretation Biases in Children with Varying Levels of Anxiety

Anke M. Klein, Emmelie Flokstra, Rianne van Niekerk, Steven Klein, Ronald M. Rapee, Jennifer L. Hudson, Susan M. Bögels, Eni S. Becker, Mike Rinck

27-04-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

Does Affective Theory of Mind Contribute to Proactive Aggression in Boys with Conduct Problems and Psychopathic Tendencies?

Steven M. Gillespie, Mickey T. Kongerslev, Carla Sharp, Sune Bo, Ahmad M. Abu-Akel

05-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

Mothers’ and Fathers’ Worry and Over-Control: One Step Closer to Understanding Early Adolescent Social Anxiety

Nejra Van Zalk, Maria Tillfors, Kari Trost

11-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Understanding the Pathways between Mothers’ Childhood Maltreatment Experiences and Patterns of Insecure Attachment with Young Children via Symptoms of Depression

Maria Khan, Kimberly Renk

11-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Tracking the Influence of Autistic Traits on Competencies Among School Aged Children with Subthreshold Autistic Traits: A Longitudinal Study

Eileen T. Crehan, Julie Baer, Robert R. Althoff, John N. Constantino

11-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

Executive Attention and Empathy-Related Responses in Boys with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder, With and Without Comorbid Anxiety Disorder

Jarla Pijper, Minet de Wied, Sophie van Rijn, Stephanie van Goozen, Hanna Swaab, Wim Meeus

24-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Psychometric Evaluation of a Revised Scoring Approach for the Children’s Saving Inventory in a Canadian Sample of Youth With Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

Noam Soreni, Duncan Cameron, Valerie Vorstenbosch, Eric Duku, Karen Rowa, Richard Swinson, Carrie Bullard, Randi McCabe

16-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

No Medication for My Child! A Naturalistic Study on the Treatment Preferences for and Effects of Cogmed Working Memory Training Versus Psychostimulant Medication in Clinically Referred Youth with ADHD

Peter Muris, Dorien Roodenrijs, Lut Kelgtermans, Sonja Sliwinski, Ulrike Berlage, Hanna Baillieux, Anne Deckers, Marieke Gunther, Bertien Paanakker, Ida Holterman

05-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Effects of Acute Exercise on Resting EEG in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Chung-Ju Huang, Ching-Wen Huang, Chiao-Ling Hung, Yu-Jung Tsai, Yu-Kai Chang, Chien-Ting Wu, Tsung-Min Hung

05-06-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2018

Factors Associated with Parent–Child Discrepancies in Reports of Mental Health Disorders in Young Children

Emma Bajeux, David H. Klemanski, Mathilde Husky, Emmanuelle Leray, Christine Chan Chee, Taraneh Shojaei, Christophe Fermanian, Viviane Kovess-Masfety

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