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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 3/2021

Uitgave 3/2021

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06-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

A Latent Class Analysis of Perceived Neighborhood Conditions Associated with Mental Disorders Among Children in the United States

Xue Li, Qiang Fu, Isabella Leigh, Daniel Humphrey

06-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Parent Distress Intolerance, Repetitive Negative Thinking, and Mental Health Service Use

Zabin S. Patel, Elizabeth Casline, Amanda Jensen-Doss, Kiara R. Timpano

12-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Dynamics of Child soldiers’ Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Well-being: Perspectives from Bioecological Systems Theory in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Jean Chrysostome K. Kiyala

13-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Childhood Anxiety: Prenatal Maternal Stress and Parenting in the QF2011 Cohort

Mia A. McLean, Vanessa E. Cobham, Gabrielle Simcock, Belinda Lequertier, Sue Kildea, Suzanne King

15-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

The Reliability and Validity of the Korean Version of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire for Depression in Youth: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Haebin Kim, Kyoungmin Kim, Jae-Won Kim

18-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Intimate Partner Violence and Food Insecurity Predict Early Behavior Problems Among South African Children over 5-years Post-Birth

Panteha Hayati Rezvan, Mark Tomlinson, Joan Christodoulou, Ellen Almirol, Jacqueline Stewart, Sarah Gordon, Thomas R. Belin, Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus

22-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

The Cumulative and Differential Relation of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Substance Use During Emerging Adulthood

L. Villanueva, A. Gomis-Pomares

25-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Child disclosure, parental solicitation, and adjustment problems: Parental support as a mediator

Alejandra Fernandez, Alexandra Loukas, Keryn E. Pasch

25-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Parental Psychopathology and Oppositional Defiant Problems in Emerging Adults: Moderated Mediation by Temperament and Gender

Cliff McKinney, Melanie Stearns

27-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Physiological Stress Response Reactivity Mediates the Link Between Emotional Abuse and Youth Internalizing Problems

Erinn Bernstein Duprey, Assaf Oshri, Sihong Liu, Steven M. Kogan, Margaret O’Brien Caughy

28-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021 Open Access

The Bright Side of Grit in Burnout-Prevention: Exploring Grit in the Context of Demands-Resources Model among Chinese High School Students

Ziwen Teuber, Fridtjof W. Nussbeck, Elke Wild

28-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

A New Compassion Scale for Children and Its Psychometric Properties

Eşref Nas, Ramazan Sak

28-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Sleep Problems of Children with Autism May Independently Affect Parental Quality of Life

Ruiting Liu, Huixi Dong, Ying Wang, Xiaozi Lu, Yamin Li, Guanglei Xun, Jianjun Ou, Yidong Shen, Kun Xia, Jingping Zhao

30-07-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2021

Community-Based Prevalence of Externalizing and Internalizing Disorders among School-Aged Children and Adolescents in Four Geographically Dispersed School Districts in the United States

Melissa L. Danielson, Rebecca H. Bitsko, Joseph R. Holbrook, Sana N. Charania, Angelika H. Claussen, Robert E. McKeown, Steven P. Cuffe, Julie Sarno Owens, Steven W. Evans, Lorraine Kubicek, Kate Flory

03-08-2020 | Article | Uitgave 3/2021 Open Access

Treatment Refractory Internalizing Behaviour Across Disorders: An Aetiological Model for Severe Emotion Dysregulation in Adolescence

Pierre C. M. Herpers, Josephine E. C. Neumann, Wouter G. Staal

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