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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 6/2003

Uitgave 6/2003

Inhoudsopgave ( 7 Artikelen )

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

Relationships Between Cognitive Strategies of Adolescents and Depressive Symptomatology Across Different Types of Life Event

Nadia Garnefski, Sabine Boon, Vivian Kraaij

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and Their Relationships with Social Coping Among Gifted Adolescents in Hong Kong

David W. Chan

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

A Longitudinal Analysis of Stress in African American Youth: Predictors and Outcomes of Stress Trajectories

Karen H. Schmeelk-Cone, Marc A. Zimmerman

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

Predictors of Physical Competence in Adolescent Girls

Lynette L. Craft, Karin A. Pfeiffer, James M. Pivarnik

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

Correlates of Reduced Misconduct Among Adolescents Facing Adversity

Jennifer A. Schmidt

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

Shaping Structured Out-of-School Time Use Among Youth: The Effects of Self, Family, and Friend Systems

Angela J. Huebner, Jay A. Mancini

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 6/2003

The Nature and Predictors of Sexual Victimization and Offending Among Adolescents

Christopher D. Maxwell, Amanda L. Robinson, Lori A. Post

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