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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 5/2021

Uitgave 5/2021

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20-03-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

On Imbalance of Impulse Control and Sensation Seeking and Adolescent Risk: An Intra-individual Developmental Test of the Dual Systems and Maturational Imbalance Models

Wim Meeus, Wilma Vollebergh, Susan Branje, Elisabetta Crocetti, Johan Ormel, Rens van de Schoot, Eveline A. Crone, Andrik Becht

11-02-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Social Support and Internalizing Psychopathology in Transgender Youth

Lily Durwood, Léïla Eisner, Kaitlyn Fladeboe, Chonghui (Gabriella) Ji, Samantha Barney, Katie A. McLaughlin, Kristina R. Olson

31-03-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Mental Health in Adolescents with a Migration Background in 29 European Countries: The Buffering Role of Social Capital

Katrijn Delaruelle, Sophie D. Walsh, Maxim Dierckens, Benedicte Deforche, Matthias Robert Kern, Candace Currie, Concepcion Moreno Maldonado, Alina Cosma, Gonneke W. J. M. Stevens

07-04-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

The Role of Exposure to Neighborhood and School Poverty in Understanding Educational Attainment

Jaap Nieuwenhuis, Tom Kleinepier, Maarten van Ham

18-11-2020 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Sexual Minority Stress, Mental Health Symptoms, and Suicidality among LGBTQ Youth Accessing Crisis Services

Anthony Fulginiti, Harmony Rhoades, Mary Rose Mamey, Cary Klemmer, Ankur Srivastava, Garrett Weskamp, Jeremy T. Goldbach

02-02-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

The Strategies of Parental Involvement in Adolescents’ Education and Extracurricular Activities

Mikhail Goshin, Dmitrii Dubrov, Sergey Kosaretsky, Dmitry Grigoryev

11-02-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Cognitive Flexibility and Selective Attention’s Associations with Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescents: Are they Reciprocal?

Aida Morea, Esther Calvete

15-01-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

How Should Mothers React When They First Learn About Their Child’s Involvement With Deviant Peers? The Adolescents’ Perspective

Efrat Sher-Censor, Noam Yitshaki, Avi Assor

20-03-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Understanding Youth Perceptions of Neighborhood Disorder: The Role of Conduct Problems

Alexa Martin-Storey, Roxanne Bizier-Lacroix, Caroline Temcheff, Michèle Déry

18-02-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Directional Effects in Cultural Identity: A Family Systems Approach for Immigrant Latinx Families

Alan Meca, Oswaldo Moreno, Cory Cobb, Elma I. Lorenzo-Blanco, Seth J. Schwartz, Miguel Ángel Cano, Byron L. Zamboanga, Melinda Gonzales-Backen, José Szapocznik, Jennifer B. Unger, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Daniel W. Soto

13-01-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Longitudinal Inter-relations between School Cultural Socialization and School Engagement among Urban Early Adolescents

Juan Del Toro, Ming-Te Wang

06-03-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

The Bidirectional Relationship Between Subjective Well-Being and Academic Achievement in Adolescence

Cristian Bortes, Susanne Ragnarsson, Mattias Strandh, Solveig Petersen

06-03-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Co-Rumination and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence: Prospective Associations and the Mediating Role of Brooding Rumination

Margot Bastin, Koen Luyckx, Filip Raes, Patricia Bijttebier

03-04-2021 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 5/2021

Family Experiences and Parent Personality as Antecedents of Pubertal Timing in Girls and Boys

Lisabeth F. DiLalla, Holly T. Pham, Robin P. Corley, Sally Wadsworth, Sheri A. Berenbaum

07-04-2021 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2021

Sally A. Nuamah: How Girls Achieve

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2019, 202 pp, 978-0674980228
Megan Sullivan

16-11-2020 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2021

Susan Kay-Flowers, Childhood Experiences of Separation and Divorce: Reflections from Young Adults

Bristol, UK: Policy Press, 2019, 212 pp., ISBN: 9781447338673
Leah Robyn Zoccola

16-11-2020 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2021

Michaela Soyer: Lost Childhoods: Poverty, Trauma, and Violent Crime in the Post-Welfare Era

Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2018, 152 pp, ISBN: 9780520296718
Caroline Veldhuizen

19-01-2021 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2021

Joseph V. Ciarrochi and Louise L. Hayes: Your Life, Your Way: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills to Help Teens Manage Emotions and Build Resilience

Instant Help Books, Oakland, CA, 2020, 168 pp, ISBN: 9781684034659
Chris Fradkin

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