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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 4/2000

Uitgave 4/2000

Inhoudsopgave ( 7 Artikelen )

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

A Social Process Model of Adolescent Deviance: Combining Social Control and Differential Association Perspectives

Kristan Glasgow Erickson, Robert Crosnoe, Sanford M. Dornbusch

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Adolescent Self-Rated Depressive Symptoms in a Swiss Epidemiological Study

Hans-Christoph Steinhausen, Christa Winkler Metzke

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Association Between Mother and Adolescent Reports for Assessing Relations Between Parent–Adolescent Communication and Adolescent Adjustment

Jessica L. Hartos, Thomas G. Power

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Social Support, Risk-Level and Safety Actions Following Acute Assessment of Suicidal Youth

Deborah Smith, Ruth Anderson

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Differences in Empathy Between Offender and Nonoffender Youth

Connee A. Bush, Ronald L. Mullis, Ann K. Mullis

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

The ‘Invisible Institution’ and Black Youth Crime: The Church as an Agency of Local Social Control

Byron R. Johnson, Sung Joon Jang, Spencer De Li, David Larson

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

The (Un)Acceptability of Betrayal: A Study of College Students' Evaluations of Sexual Betrayal by a Romantic Partner and Betrayal of a Friend's Confidence

S. Shirley Feldman, Elizabeth Cauffman, Lene Arnett Jensen, Jeffery J. Arnett

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