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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 3/2002

Uitgave 3/2002

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01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Developmental Patterns in Adolescent Attachment to Mother, Father and Sibling

Kirsten L. Buist, Maja Deković, Wim Meeus, Marcel A. G. van Aken

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Television in Indian Adolescents' Lives: A Member of the Family

Suman Verma, Reed W. Larson

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Racial and Ethnic Minority High School Students' Perceptions of School Disciplinary Practices: A Look at Some Canadian Findings

Martin D. Ruck, Scot Wortley

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Family and Individual Predictors of Late Adolescents' Romantic Relationships

Marla Reese-Weber, Jennifer F. Marchand

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Differentiating Peer Contexts and Risk for Adolescent Substance Use

Andrea M. Hussong

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Drug Use and Cognitions About Drug Use Amongst Students: Changes Over the University Career

Brian McMillan, Mark Conner

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Influences and Mediators of the Effect of Poverty on Young Adolescent Depressive Symptoms

Mary Keegan Eamon

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