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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 2/2018

Uitgave 2/2018

Special Issue: Parsing Out Familial Influences on Adolescent Development

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13-05-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Family First? The Costs and Benefits of Family Centrality for Adolescents with High-Conflict Families

Cynthia X. Yuen, Andrew J. Fuligni, Nancy Gonzales, Eva H. Telzer

18-01-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Adolescents’ Conflict Management Styles with Mothers: Longitudinal Associations with Parenting and Reactance

Lies Christine Missotten, Koen Luyckx, Susan Branje, Stijn Van Petegem

23-12-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

A Developmental Perspective on Reentry: Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Family Conflict and Peer Delinquency during Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Thomas J. Mowen, John H. Boman IV

21-04-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Individual Differences in Adolescents’ Emotional Reactivity across Relationship Contexts

Emily C. Cook, Bethany L. Blair, Cheryl Buehler

02-09-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

The Role of Family for Youth Friendships: Examining a Social Anxiety Mechanism

Hio Wa Mak, Gregory M. Fosco, Mark E. Feinberg

12-09-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

The Relationship Between Parents’ Intimate Partner Victimization and Youths’ Adolescent Relationship Abuse

Weiwei Liu, Elizabeth A. Mumford, Bruce G. Taylor

30-11-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Developmental Pathways from Parental Socioeconomic Status to Adolescent Substance Use: Alternative and Complementary Reinforcement

Jungeun Olivia Lee, Junhan Cho, Yoewon Yoon, Mariel S. Bello, Rubin Khoddam, Adam M. Leventhal

13-06-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

The Developmental Unfolding of Sibling Influences on Alcohol Use over Time

Diana R. Samek, Rebecca J. Goodman, Lucy Riley, Matt McGue, William G. Iacono

18-08-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Neighborhood, Family, and Peer Factors Associated with Early Adolescent Smoking and Alcohol Use

Christopher Cambron, Rick Kosterman, Richard F. Catalano, Katarina Guttmannova, J. David Hawkins

13-07-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

And What About Siblings? A Longitudinal Analysis of Sibling Effects on Youth’s Intergroup Attitudes

Katharina Eckstein, Jan Šerek, Peter Noack

10-07-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Associations between Social Support from Family, Friends, and Teachers and depressive Symptoms in Adolescents

Patrick Pössel, Shelby M. Burton, Bridget Cauley, Michael G. Sawyer, Susan H. Spence, Jeanie Sheffield

07-11-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Socialization Goals, Parental Psychological Control, and Youth Anxiety in Chinese Students: Moderated Indirect Effects based on School Type

Aaron M. Luebbe, Chunyue Tu, Joseph W. Fredrick

08-07-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Parent–Adolescent Discrepancies in Reports of Parenting and Adolescent Outcomes in Mexican Immigrant Families

Yang Hou, Su Yeong Kim, Aprile D. Benner

01-02-2018 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

The Protective Role of Parental Media Monitoring Style from Early to Late Adolescence

Laura M. Padilla-Walker, Sarah M. Coyne, Savannah L. Kroff, Madison K. Memmott-Elison

16-12-2017 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 2/2018

Longitudinal Associations between Maternal Involvement, Cultural Orientations, and Prosocial Behaviors Among Recent Immigrant Latino Adolescents

Alexandra N. Davis, Gustavo Carlo, Cara Streit, Seth J. Schwartz, Jennifer B. Unger, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Jose Szapocznik

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