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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 2/2000

Uitgave 2/2000

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01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Feelings of Connectedness and Internalization of Values in Asian American Adolescents

Kiyoshi Asakawa, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Dimensionality of Hardiness and Its Role in the Stress-Distress Relationship Among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong

David W. Chan

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Measuring Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Conformity in Adolescent Boys and Girls: Predicting School Performance, Sexual Attitudes, and Substance Abuse

Darcy A. Santor, Deanna Messervey, Vivek Kusumakar

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Developmental and Cross-Situational Differences in Adolescents' Coping Strategies

Michael A. Griffith, Eric F. Dubow, Maria F. Ippolito

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

Gender Differences Among Adolescents in Family, and Peer Influences on Body Dissatisfaction, Weight Loss, and Binge Eating Behaviors

Maureen A. Vincent, Marita P. McCabe

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

The Role of Protective Factors in Supporting the Academic Achievement of Poor African American Students During the Middle School Transition

Leslie Morrison Gutman, Carol Midgley

01-04-2000 | Uitgave 2/2000

The Korean ‘Examination Hell’: Long Hours of Studying, Distress, and Depression

Meery Lee, Reed Larson

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