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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 11/2022
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 11/2022


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06-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Developing Sexual Self-Efficacy Beliefs During Adolescence: Do Health Teachers Really Matter?
Yvonne Allsop, Eric M. Anderman

Open Access 08-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Socio-Cognitive Processes and Peer-Network Influences in Defending and Bystanding
J. Ashwin Rambaran, Tiziana Pozzoli, Gianluca Gini

13-07-2022 | Empirical Research

The Distinct Roles of Biological and Perceived Pubertal Timing in Delinquency and Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence to Adulthood
Marlon Goering, Sylvie Mrug

Open Access 15-07-2022 | Empirical Research

The Development of Gender Role Attitudes During Adolescence: Effects of Sex, Socioeconomic Background, and Cognitive Abilities
Ricarda Ullrich, Michael Becker, Jan Scharf

Open Access 19-07-2022 | Empirical Research

The Associations of Affection and Rejection During Adolescence with Interpersonal Functioning in Young Adulthood: A Macro- and Micro- Level Investigation Using the TRAILS TRANS-ID Study
Larisa Morosan, Johanna T. W. Wigman, Robin N. Groen, Marieke J. Schreuder, Marieke Wichers, Catharina A. Hartman

19-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Neighborhood Socioeconomic Deprivation in Early Childhood Mediates Racial Disparities in Blood Pressure in a College Student Sample
Olivia I. Nichols, Thomas E. Fuller-Rowell, Austin T. Robinson, DaJuandra Eugene, Lydia K. Homandberg

21-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Risk-Taking Behavior Among Male Adolescents: The Role of Observer Presence and Individual Self-Control
Lumei Tian, Mingyu Guo, Yafei Lu, Lingling Liu, Yuhan Lu

Open Access 22-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Promoting Daily Well-being in Adolescents using mHealth
Michelle M. J. Mens, Loes Keijsers, Evelien Dietvorst, Soldado Koval, Jeroen S. Legerstee, Manon H. J. Hillegers

27-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Within-Individual Changes in Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking from Childhood to Early Adulthood and Educational Attainment
Joseph A. Schwartz, Eric J. Connolly, Abdulaziz Alsolami

Open Access 08-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Basic Values Transform Political Interest into Diverse Political Values, Attitudes and Behaviors
Håkan Stattin, Erik Amnå

Open Access 06-08-2022 | Empirical Research

Early Childhood Predictors of Teen Dating Violence Involvement at Age 17
Noemí Pereda, Ana M. Greco, Diego A. Díaz-Faes, Manuel Eisner, Denis Ribeaud

Open Access 08-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Why Some Adolescents Are Open To Their Parents’ Political Communication
Håkan Stattin, Katharina Eckstein, Erik Amnå

13-07-2022 | Empirical Research

Parental Phubbing, Self-Esteem, and Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents: A Longitudinal Mediational Analysis
Xingchao Wang, Yuran Qiao

22-07-2022 | Book Review

David A. Clark: The Anxious Thoughts Workbook for Teens
Instant Help Books, Oakland, CA, 2022, 144 pp, ISBN: 9781684038787
Chris Fradkin

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