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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 10/2019

Uitgave 10/2019

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02-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Reactions of Boys and Girls to Sexual Abuse and to Sexual Encounters with Peers

Richard B. Felson, Jukka Savolainen, Sarah Fry, Corey Whichard, Noora Ellonen

14-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Factors Associated with Academic Achievement for Sexual and Gender Minority and Heterosexual Cisgender Students: Implications from a Nationally Representative Study

John Fenaughty, Mathijs F. G. Lucassen, Terryann Clark, Simon Denny

24-08-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Schools Influence Adolescent E-Cigarette use, but when? Examining the Interdependent Association between School Context and Teen Vaping over time

Adam M. Lippert, Daniel J. Corsi, Grace E. Venechuk

13-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Early Adolescent Gender Development: The Differential Effects of Felt Pressure from Parents, Peers, and the Self

Rachel E. Cook, Matthew G. Nielson, Carol Lynn Martin, Dawn DeLay

13-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019 Open Access

Dual Identity Development and Adjustment in Muslim Minority Adolescents

Olivia Spiegler, Ralf Wölfer, Miles Hewstone

24-08-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

School Climate & Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescent Mental Health

Sharon Colvin, James E. Egan, Robert W. S. Coulter

04-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Investigating the Association Between Posttraumatic Risky Behavior and Offending in Adolescents Involved in the Juvenile Justice System

Crosby A. Modrowski, Patricia K. Kerig

03-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019 Open Access

Do Conduct Problem Pathways Differ for Black and Minority Ethnic Children in the UK? An Examination of Trajectories from Early Childhood to Adolescence

Leslie Morrison Gutman

10-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

A Cross-National Study Examining the Role of Executive Function and Emotion Regulation in the Relationship between Children’s Television Exposure and Consumer Behavior

Matthew A. Lapierre, Esther Rozendaal

03-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019 Open Access

The Interplay of Adolescents’ Aggression and Victimization with Friendship and Antipathy Networks within an Educational Prosocial Intervention

Diego Palacios, Christian Berger, Bernadette Paula Luengo Kanacri, René Veenstra, Jan Kornelis Dijkstra

20-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Suicidal Ideation in Emerging Adults: The Role of Traumatic Stress and Depressive Symptoms Varies by Gender not Race/Ethnicity

Lillian Polanco-Roman, Deidre M. Anglin, Regina Miranda, Elizabeth L. Jeglic

03-09-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Cultivating Adolescents’ Academic Identity: Ascertaining the Mediating Effects of Motivational Beliefs Between Classroom Practices and Mathematics Identity

Romina S. Miller, Ming-Te Wang

23-08-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Defend, Stand By, or Join In?: The Relative Influence of Moral Identity, Moral Judgment, and Social Self-Efficacy on Adolescents’ Bystander Behaviors in Bullying Situations

Renee B. Patrick, Wendy M. Rote, John C. Gibbs, Karen S. Basinger

22-08-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 10/2019

Friendship Network Dynamics of Aggressive and Rule-Breaking Antisocial Behaviors in Adolescence

Olga Kornienko, Marissa Davila, Carlos E. Santos

07-10-2019 | Book Review | Uitgave 10/2019

Ulf Schütze: Language Learning and the Brain: Lexical Processing in Second Language Acquisition

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2017, 179 pp, ISBN: 9781316665619
Stephanie Nicole Ryan

03-10-2019 | Book Review | Uitgave 10/2019

Loring Paul Jones: Life After Foster Care: Improving Outcomes for Former Foster Youth

Praeger, Santa Barbara, 2018, 215 pp, ISBN-10: 1440857407
William J. Stockdale

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