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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 4/2015

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Allelic Variation of Risk for Anxiety Symptoms Moderates the Relation Between Adolescent Safety Behaviors and Social Anxiety Symptoms

Sarah A. Thomas, Justin W. Weeks, Lea R. Dougherty, Melanie F. Lipton, Samantha E. Daruwala, Kathryn Kline, Andres De Los Reyes

An fMRI Pilot Study of Cognitive Reappraisal in Children: Divergent Effects on Brain and Behavior

Lea R. Dougherty, Sarah L. Blankenship, Philip A. Spechler, Srikanth Padmala, Luiz Pessoa

Interactive Effects of Anxiety Sensitivity and Emotion Regulation on Anxiety Symptoms

Nicholas P. Allan, Aaron M. Norr, Richard J. Macatee, Agnieszka Gajewska, Norman B. Schmidt

Reliability and Validity of a Photo Rating Measure of Alopecia

David A. F. Haaga, Martha J. Falkenstein, Maria Banis, Elizabeth J. Malloy, Lauren McDonough, Kate Rogers

Open Access

Psychometric Properties of the Dutch Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI) in a Community Sample and a Multi-Ethnic Clinical Sample

Mariëlle E. Abrahamse, Marianne Junger, Patty H. O. Leijten, Robert Lindeboom, Frits Boer, Ramón J. L. Lindauer

Concurrent and Prospective Associations Between Emotion Reactivity and Depressive Symptoms in Middle Childhood

Jennifer A. Somers, Jessica L. Borelli, Patricia A. Smiley, Jessica L. West, Lori M. Hilt