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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2007

Uitgave 4/2007

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01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Peer Victimization in Youth with Tourette’s Syndrome and Chronic Tic Disorder: Relations with Tic Severity and Internalizing Symptoms

Eric A. Storch, Tanya K. Murphy, Rhea M. Chase, Mary Keeley, Wayne K. Goodman, Maurice Murray, Gary R. Geffken

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

The Driving Anger Expression Inventory: A Validity Study with Community College Student Drivers

Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Calvin C. Kemper, Tracy L. Richards

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

A Psychometric Evaluation of the Approach and Avoidance of Alcohol Questionnaire (AAAQ) in Alcohol Dependent Outpatients

Audrey A. Klein, Paul R. Stasiewicz, James R. Koutsky, Clara M. Bradizza, Scott F. Coffey

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

The Role of Coping Styles and Self-efficacy in the Development of Dysphoric Mood Among Nursing Students

Noriko Shikai, Masayo Uji, Zi Chen, Hidetoshi Hiramura, Nao Tanaka, Masahiro Shono, Toshinori Kitamura

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

The Responses to Script-Driven Imagery Scale (RSDI): Assessment of State Posttraumatic Symptoms for Psychobiological and Treatment Research

James W. Hopper, Paul A. Frewen, Martin Sack, Ruth A. Lanius, Bessel A. van der Kolk

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Parent and Teacher Ratings of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Preschool: The ADHD Rating Scale-IV Preschool Version

Kara E. McGoey, George J. DuPaul, Erin Haley, Teri L. Shelton

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Incremental Validity of Coping-oriented Marijuana Use Motives in the Prediction of Affect-based Psychological Vulnerability

Heather Mitchell, Michael J. Zvolensky, Erin C. Marshall, Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, Anka A. Vujanovic

01-12-2007 | Uitgave 4/2007

Further Psychometric Validation of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS)

James MacKillop, Emily J. Anderson

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