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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2004

Uitgave 4/2004

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01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Psychopathy and the Five Factor Model in a Noninstitutionalized Sample: A Domain and Facet Level Analysis

Scott R. Ross, Catherine J. Lutz, Steven E. Bailley

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

The Relation of Psychopathic Characteristics and Anxiety in Noncriminals: Physiological and Cognitive Responses to Guided Imagery

Robert L. Bare, Derek R. Hopko, Maria E. A. Armento

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Mood Regulation Skill and the Symptoms of Endogenous and Hopelessness Depression in Spanish High School Students

Foluso M. Williams, Pablo Fernández-Berrocal, Natalio Extremera, Natalia Ramos-Díaz, Thomas E. Joiner Jr.

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Structural Validation of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

Jason C. Cole, Sarosh J. Motivala, Jeff Dang, Anne Lucko, Nancy Lang, Myron J. Levin, Michael N. Oxman, Michael R. Irwin

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

A Multivariate Associative Finite Growth Mixture Modeling Approach Examining Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use

Hollie Hix-Small, Terry E. Duncan, Susan C. Duncan, Hayrettin Okut

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

A Latent Growth Curve Modeling Approach to Pooled Interrupted Time Series Analyses

Terry E. Duncan, Susan C. Duncan

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Invited Special Review: Psychological Approaches for Managing Chronic Pain

Diane M. Novy

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 4/2004

Book Review: A Primer for Psychologists in Medical Settings

Phillip J. Brantley

01-12-2004 | Dedication | Uitgave 4/2004

Acknowledgement of Ad Hoc Reviewers

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