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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2000

Uitgave 4/2000

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01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: Treatment Practice and Policy Implications

Ron Smith

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

The Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment in Reducing Violent Behavior

Robert G. Orwin, Michael Maranda, Bruce Ellis

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Characteristics, Services, and Outcomes of Treatment for Women

Dean R. Gerstein, Robert A. Johnson

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Treatment Populations, Services, and Outcomes for Cocaine and Crack-Cocaine Dependence

Robert A. Johnson, Dean R. Gerstein

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Influence of Time in Treatment and Follow-Up Duration on Methadone Treatment Outcomes

Lawrence Greenfield, Douglas Fountain

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Clients in Treatment for Alcohol Problems: Treatment Experiencesand Outcomes

Richard G. Finkbiner, Gayle A. Wisdom

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Relationships Between Treatment Components, Client-Level Factors, and Positive Treatment Outcomes

Robert G. Orwin, Bruce Ellis, Valerie Williams, Michael Maranda

01-12-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

The Economic Benefits of Increased Treatment Duration and Intensity in Residential and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Settings

Lane Koenig, Henrick Harwood, Kathryn Sullivan, Namrata Sen

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