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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2020

Uitgave 3/2020

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30-08-2019 | Uitgave 3/2020

The Indirect Relationships between Psychopathic Traits and Proactive and Reactive Aggression through Empathy and Emotion Dysregulation

Olivia C. Preston, Joye C. Anestis

10-01-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Irritability and Behavioral Symptom Dimensions of Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Young Adults: Associations with DSM-5 Pathological Personality Traits

Oliver G. Johnston, Dean G. Cruess, Jeffrey D. Burke

04-12-2019 | Uitgave 3/2020

Empathy, Exploitation, and Adolescent Bullying Perpetration: a Longitudinal Social-Ecological Investigation

Ann H. Farrell, Anthony A. Volk, Tracy Vaillancourt

27-11-2019 | Original Research | Uitgave 3/2020

Working Memory Capacity and ADHD Symptoms in Boys: Examining the Heterogeneity of Working Memory Functioning Using Latent Profile Analysis

Mileini Campez, Joseph S. Raiker, Dustin E. Sarver, Lauren M. Friedman, Sarah A. Orban, Mark D. Rapport

03-04-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Parental Attributions, Parenting Skills, and Readiness for Treatment in Parents of Children with Disruptive Behavior

Hali Kil, Julia Martini, Brendan F. Andrade

23-04-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Measurement Invariance Across Adult Self-Ratings of Current and Retrospective Childhood ADHD Symptoms

Rapson Gomez, Vasileios Stavropoulos, Shaun Watson

17-03-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Changes in College Student Endorsement of ADHD Symptoms across DSM Edition

Elizabeth K. Lefler, Anne E. Stevens, Anna M. Garner, Judah W. Serrano, Will H. Canu, Cynthia M. Hartung

18-03-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Psychological Treatments in Adult ADHD: A Systematic Review

Tim Fullen, Sarah L Jones, Lisa Marie Emerson, Marios Adamou

19-03-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Sex Differences in Externalizing and Internalizing Symptoms in ADHD, Autism, and General Population Samples

Susan D. Mayes, Peter J. Castagna, Daniel A. Waschbusch

25-07-2019 | Uitgave 3/2020

Validation of the MMPI-A-RF for Youth with Mental Health Needs: a Systematic Examination of Clinical Correlates and Construct Validity

Allyson J. Sharf, Richard Rogers

03-02-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Exploring the Psychometric Properties of Two Primary Domains in the Revised Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire (R-OBVQ) among Primary School Learners in South Africa

Kelly Anne Young

14-04-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Validation of the Persian Translation of the Level of Personality Functioning Scale—Self-Report (LPFS-SR): Comparison of College Students and Patients with Personality Disorders

Azad Hemmati, Leslie C. Morey, Morgan N. McCredie, Farzin Rezaei, Amin Nazari, Fateh Rahmani

21-12-2019 | Uitgave 3/2020

Abnormal EEG Power Spectrum in Individuals with High Autistic Personality Traits: an eLORETA Study

Chiara Massullo, Claudio Imperatori, Mauro Adenzato, Riccardo Brunetti, Allegra Indraccolo, Giacomo Della Marca, Benedetto Farina, Rita B. Ardito

21-02-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Self-Critical Perfectionism, Depressive Symptoms, and HPA-Axis Dysregulation: Testing Emotional and Physiological Stress Reactivity

Logan J. Nealis, Simon B. Sherry, Tara Perrot, Sanjay Rao

16-03-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

Discomfort with Friendly Giving in Individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder

Katya C. Fernandez, Yeelen Edwards, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Michelle H. Lim

15-02-2020 | Original Research | Uitgave 3/2020 Open Access

A Multi-Informant Study of the Validity of the Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits in a Sample of Norwegian Adolescents with Behavior Problems

Dagfinn Mørkrid Thøgersen, Mette Elmose Andersen, Gunnar Bjørnebekk

07-01-2020 | Uitgave 3/2020

The Dualistic Role of Child Noncompliance: Normal Developmental Process and Indicator of Child Psychopathology

Brian J. Livesay, Mark W. Roberts

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