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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 3/2015

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Big-Five and Callous-unemotional Traits in Preschoolers

Elham Assary, Randall T. Salekin, Edward D. Barker

Self-Report Measures of Psychopathy: What is their Role in Forensic Assessments?

Katherine R. Kelsey, Richard Rogers, Emily V. Robinson

Identifying Shared Latent Dimensions of Psychological Symptoms: Implications for the Psychological Correlates of Smoking

Katherine J. Ameringer, Chih-Ping Chou, Steve Sussman, Jennifer B. Unger, Adam M. Leventhal

Open Access

Standardized Screening for Mental Health Needs of Detained Youths from Various Ethnic Origins: The Dutch Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-Second Version (MAYSI-2)

Olivier F. Colins, Thomas Grisso, Pauline Vahl, Laura Guy, Eva Mulder, Natasja Hornby, Christine Pronk, Monica Markus, Theo Doreleijers, Robert Vermeiren

Prevalence and Correlates of Eating Disorder Symptoms in a Community Sample with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Angelina Yiu, Brianna J. Turner, Brianne K. Layden, Alexander L. Chapman, Shannon L. Zaitsoff