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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2014

Uitgave 3/2014

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01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Youth’s Responses to Peer Provocation: Links to Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Melanie A. Dirks, Teresa A. Treat, V. Robin Weersing

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

The Conundrum of the Laboratory: Challenges of Assessing Preschool-Age Children’s Salivary Cortisol Reactivity

Marissa R. Tolep, Lea R. Dougherty

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

The Influence of Clinical Experience and Assessment Method on the Evaluation of Child Behavior Change

Anselma G. Hartley, Jack C. Wright, Audrey L. Zakriski, Catherine McCarthy

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use Comorbidity: Developing a Cohesive Risk Model

Shani Ofrat, Robert F. Krueger, Nicholas R. Eaton, Katherine M. Keyes, Andrew E. Skodol, Bridget F. Grant, Deborah S. Hasin

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Psychopathic Traits, Empathy, and Aggression are Differentially Related to Cortisol Awakening Response

Megan M. Johnson, Kelly M. Caron, Amy J. Mikolajewski, Elizabeth A. Shirtcliff, Lisa A. Eckel, Jeanette Taylor

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Psychopathy in Bulgaria: The cross-cultural generalizability of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist

Michael J. Wilson, Carolyn Abramowitz, Georgi Vasilev, Kiril Bozgunov, Jasmin Vassileva

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Negative Life Events and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Incarcerated Boys with Callous-Unemotional Traits

Allyson Sharf, Eva R. Kimonis, Aisha Howard

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

The Italian Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire: A Contribution to its Validity and Reliability

Caterina Giovannini, Luciano Giromini, Laura Bonalume, Angela Tagini, Margherita Lang, Gherardo Amadei

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Differential Item Functioning of the Symptoms of Major Depression by Race and Ethnicity: An Item Response Theory Analysis

Benjamin O. Emmert-Aronson, Michael T. Moore, Timothy A. Brown

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Self-Regulation and Other Executive Functions Relationship to Pediatric OCD Severity and Treatment Outcome

Joseph P. H. McNamara, Adam M. Reid, Amanda M. Balkhi, Regina Bussing, Eric A. Storch, Tanya K. Murphy, Paulo A. Graziano, Andrew G. Guzick, Gary R. Geffken

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Eveningness and Seasonality are Associated with the Bipolar Disorder Vulnerability Trait

Ben Bullock, Janelle Corlass-Brown, Greg Murray

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

A Bifactor Model of Anxiety Sensitivity: Analysis of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3

Chad Ebesutani, Alison C. McLeish, Christina M. Luberto, John Young, Danielle J. Maack

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Rumination and Excessive Reassurance Seeking: Mediators of the Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Depression?

DeMond M. Grant, Matt R. Judah, Adam C. Mills, William V. Lechner, Collin L. Davidson, LaRicka R. Wingate

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Tolerating Distress After Trauma: Differential Associations Between Distress Tolerance and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Mathew G. Fetzner, Daniel L. Peluso, Gordon J. G. Asmundson

01-09-2014 | Uitgave 3/2014

Validation of a Chinese Version of the Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire

Ling Sun, Jianping Wang, Hongwei Sun, Zhenming Dong, Gregory S. Chasson

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